CAF – for transports to UK

During the past two and a half months we have seen a marked rise in the exchange rate for pounds sterling

18 December 2019 12:47

The average exchange rate in 2018 was 842, and this level forms the basis for our freight calculations. In 2019, we have seen moderate fluctuations in the exchange rate until early October.

The most recent official quotation is 895 DKK for 100 GBP.

A large part of our expenses in connection with transport to and from the UK is paid in pounds sterling, and in a market under severe pressure, we need to have our additional expenses – due to the higher pound sterling rate – covered.

We are therefore reluctantly compelled to reintroduce a Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) for transport to the UK.  This surcharge, which is 1.3%, will take effect from 1 January 2020.

The calculation is based on a medium rate of 885 in December.

CAF, which will follow the exchange rate, will be adjusted every month and published on our website - you can find them here.

18 December 2019 12:47

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