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Blue Water supports the hard work of the many aid and development organisations in this region

11 February 2020 08:32

Blue Water has participated in an extremely interesting event hosted by ACFID (the Australian Council for International Development). ACFID manages all local NGOs (Non-governmental Organisations) in Australia and the surrounding states/islands in the South Pacific as well as unites Australia’s government aid and international development organisations to strengthen their collective impact against poverty.

The event was held to bring together the Australian aid programme and their partners and supporters in order to “get the bigger picture”, to discuss and seek ideas and solutions to the challenges we see in the this region and to take action accordingly.

The overall aim is to contribute aid, assistance and education to the most deprived families and individuals. Natural disasters - like typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes - as well as tropical diseases like malaria, dengue etc. are all part of the challenges these organisations are trying to fight each single day.

“To do this, they need good logistics partners who understand the region and have a strong network of local partners. Blue Water supports the hard work of the many aid and development organisations in this region, and we are able to assist on many of the small islands and surrounding countries with air and sea freight solutions as well as local services such as customs clearance, warehousing etc.”, says Kasper Fibiger Hedegaard, Managing Director, Blue Water Sydney, who participated in the event together with Johnny Mortensen, Head of Aid & Development Logistics in Blue Water.

11 February 2020 08:32

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