Teaching environment and business ethics

Teaching our trainees about CSR and environment is a high priority for us

04 March 2020 13:58

In connection with a trainee course at Smart Academy in Esbjerg, where our freight forwarding trainees are trained through Blue Water's own academy education, Susanne Veie Svenningsen and Pia Skytte, both from Group HSSEQ Blue Water, taught two groups of second year trainees.

The topics were CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Environment, and it brought up engaged and committed discussions on, among other things, the Code of Conduct, the Supplier Code of Conduct and environmental goals & improvements. The trainees were eventually charged with some assignments - for example the topic “potential environmental initiatives” - which they had to discuss in groups for subsequent presentation and discussion in plenary.

There were many strong improvement proposals, ranging from small everyday improvements to major and comprehensive strategic projects - and subsequently Group HSSEQ presented the proposals to the Management, who has already decided that we will work on some of the issues to form part of our environmental targets for 2020.

04 March 2020 13:58

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Susanne Veie Svenningsen

Susanne Svenningsen

Head of HSSEQ


+45 7913 4627

Susanne joined Blue Water in 2012. She has years of experience from various sustainability functions ensuring development, implementation and driving culture within HSE, CSR, Security and Quality.