Cooperation ensuring supplies to Greenland

The strong cooperation between the Health Service, Air Greenland and Blue Water has once again proved valuable.

27 March 2020 16:22

When the ordinary flight service, to and from Greenland as well as domestic, was closed down Friday due to the COVID-19 situation, the Health Service and Air Greenland immediately set about to find an alternative solution.

Through a strong and dedicated cooperation, in particular between the Greenland Health Authorities and Air Greenland, an air bridge to and from Greenland was established already Saturday – with Blue Water handling the logistics part in both Greenland and Denmark.  A Dash 8 aircraft has been put in on this air bridge service - with an intermediate landing in Iceland for refuelling. The service will on an ongoing basis ensure supplies of life-saving medicine, COVID-19 tests etc.

The connection would have been impossible without the competent and proactive staff of Air Greenland and the Health Authorities. We can only be proud that Blue Water was able to assist them with handling the logistics in an already difficult situation”, says Morten Jakobsen, Operations Manager in Blue Water.

Also, a direct air cargo service between Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq has been established in no time with priority for essential cargo to supply companies owned by the Greenland Home Rule. Furthermore, this air cargo service has capacity for ordinary cargo transport which is used by several freight forwarding companies and transport companies. This means that transport of ordinary goods is offered both to and from Greenland, however, only with two weekly departures.      

If you need assistance with transport of your goods to or from Greenland, please feel free to contact Blue Water Greenland.

27 March 2020 16:22

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