School construction project in Greenland

Successful preparation of goods for shipment completed within a short time frame despite harsh winds and corona crisis

Despite the harsh winds, we succeeded in packing the equipment within less than four days

08 April 2020 16:15

The past few weeks have been extremely busy for Blue Water’s office in Aalborg. Our colleagues in the North of Jutland have received 600 concrete piles from the company Centrum Pæle A/S, Vejle. The piles are intended as pile foundations and will, together with 75 pallets of insulation material, form part of a school construction project in Nuuk, Greenland.

Due to the present COVID-19 situation, we had a long and detailed communication with both the shipping line, RAL/ Royal Arctic Line, and the construction firm, Ìstak in Iceland, who is in charge of the construction of the school. Finally, it was decided to pack the goods on flat racks one week in preparation for shipment to Greenland on board RAL’s new ship “Tukuma Arctica” the following week. In fact, this trip will be the ship’s maiden voyage.

"With a prospect of a full week with harsh winds, we started packing the racks Tuesday morning. For the lifting operation, we contracted with a haulier, and for the packing of the goods and insulation of the racks, we were assisted by colleagues from both Aarhus and Taulov”, says Jonathan Vestergaard Madsen, Blue Water Aalborg, who was the Coordinator on the project. 

"Despite the harsh winds plus a few other challenges, we succeeded in packing the equipment within less than four days – in total 27 flat racks of approx. 30 tons each as well as insulation. The whole lot is now ready to be loaded on board the ship – a job well done by everybody involved”, concludes Helle Nørgaard Jensen, Manager Terminals, Blue Water Aalborg.

08 April 2020 16:15

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