Helideck removal assistance

Blue Water Brest appointed agents for maintenance call by our long-time client ASN Marine

“Ile d’Aix” after the removal of the bow helideck and stern crane

04 May 2020 08:41

Blue Water’s Agency department in Brest is happy for once again having been appointed agents for the cable vessel “Ile d’Aix”. This time our French colleagues assisted the vessel on a special maintenance call at Brest.

Our long-time client, shipowner ASN Marine, appointed Blue Water Brest agents for the maintenance call of “Ile d’Aix”. At the same time, Navaleo – a subsidiary of our good client and partner Les Recycleurs Bretons - was entrusted by ASN Marine with the actual maintenance job, which included removal of two main structures from the vessel: bow helideck and stern crane.

A total of 90 tons of steel and aluminium were offloaded for scrapping and will eventually be shipped out for recycling in the coming months. The job was performed efficiently by Navaleo within a 48-hour time frame.

“It was a pleasant coincidence to find ourselves cooperating with two of our good clients on the same assignment, and we are pleased that “Ile d'Aix” was quickly sailing out again – with a new look – and ready to carry out a new mission”, says Alexandre Blanc, Blue Water Brest, who was the coordinator for the maintenance call.


Read more about ASN Marine here: web.asn.com

Read more about Navaleo here: navaleo.fr

Read more about Les Recycleurs Bretons here: recycleurs-bretons.fr

04 May 2020 08:41


“Ile d’Aix” was built in 1992 in Singapore and purchased by Alcatel Submarine Networks Marine. The 151-metre cable layer, operated by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, can load 3,500 tons of cable (three main and two auxiliary tanks) and accommodate 90 people.

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