Assistance to refugee camp in Bangladesh

Shipment from Denmark was a small but important part of the aid delivered to the world’s largest refugee settlement

21 July 2020 10:36

In late June, a very special shipment left Billund Airport on board a Boeing 777:  20 tons of oxygen generating machines intended to assist the many humanitarian agencies in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, which is the world’s largest refugee settlement with over one million refugees living there since 2017.

In the camp, the risk of various diseases, including COVID-19, is huge, and hundreds of emergency field hospitals are saving thousands of lives among the many stateless Rohingya refugees.

The shipment from Denmark was a small, but important part of the aid arriving at the camp these days. Consignee of the shipment, worth well over DKK 2.5 million, was the United Nations’ local Dhaka Coordination Office.

Loading of cargo at Billund Airport.

“When we were asked by a UK-based humanitarian organisation to assist with collection of the many machines and to arrange documentation, palletising and more, we immediately upgraded the service to top priority, meaning that days and nights had to be used preparing the shipment as there was no time to lose. The job was given at very short notice, but our team in Billund was super dedicated and delivered a job beyond expectations”, says Johnny Mortensen, Head of Blue Water’s Aid & Development Logistics team assisting aid organisations around the world.

21 July 2020 10:36

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Johnny Mortensen

Johnny Mortensen

Head of Aid & Development

+45 7913 4894

Johnny has more than 20 years of experience in the Aid- & Relief industry - creating transport solutions for the NGOs, UN, Ministries and their suppliers. Johnny has been with Blue Water since 2014.