555 tonnes of IT equipment flown from Europe to the Caribbean

Transport of 2,350,000 pieces of IT equipment was handled on behalf of our client Atea Denmark

555 tonnes of IT equipment flown from Europe to the Caribbean

From February to April 2021, Blue Water handled the biggest airfreight and charter project ever on behalf of our client Atea Denmark. 

The task included transport of 2,350,000 pieces of IT equipment from Denmark to Santo Domingo within a two-month period. The 555 tonnes / 3,000 cbm were moved in three lots on commercial flights and 11 chartered aircrafts. Also, personnel of Atea Denmark were on board. 

“As a team, we had one month to do preparations and to book all flights, arrange domestic setup, coordinate goods from the EU and China to Denmark, repack goods, assist with surveyors etc. The project involved many departments within Blue Water, and it has been a great success to experience the great teamwork during the close cooperation”, states Jesper Nielsen, Airfreight Procurement & Business Development Manager at Blue Water. 

Customised air chartering solutions 

In October 2020, Blue Water was contacted regarding the project to the Dominican Republic. Based on the task’s requirements, we investigated the option of using long-range passenger air crafts which were grounded due to COVID-19. 

“A passenger airline with Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts turned out to be our largest partner for this contract. However, to uplift the volume, we also chartered three Boeing 747-400 freighters. Good teamwork and the right mindset were essential, and the result is yet another strong telling how good we are at creating customised air chartering solutions to our clients”, states Nicolai Nørgaard, Global Air Charter Manager.  

"You make us look good” 

Also, the Director, Logistics and Global Deliveries at Atea Denmark, Søren Feldstedt, is happy about our performance:  

“As a partner, Blue Water supports our strategy to a great extent. With timely delivery of high quality at a reasonable cost, they have shown great competence. They managed to solve unpredictable issues with great professionalism during the entire time frame. This will for certain not be the last time Blue Water is invited to bid for our global projects. It has been a pleasure working together with Blue Water, and our client thanked us saying: Thank you for your professional distribution. You make us look good”. 

The shipments started at the beginning of February in a snowstorm in Billund and ended mid-April in Santo Domingo in bright sunshine.