Air charter – a flexible and smart solution

Blue Water’s air charter team has been very busy recently

Air charter – a flexible and smart solution

In the current situation, where normal air freight is closing down or getting minimised, air charter options have become more and more relevant and useful.

On road transport we experience some delays and other difficulties, as border crossings are closing down or imposing travel restriction. This includes the risk of truck drivers ending in quarantine, if they have to deliver goods in restricted areas.

At the moment it is still possible for planes to use most airports as long as they only carry cargo, and then the locals can take over from there.

However, passenger charters are also still possible if the permissions are granted by the local authorities.

At Blue Water we charter everything from planes with 100 kilo payload to AN124’s with 150 tons payload – both cargo & passengers. We have years of experience in this market, and we charter directly from the airlines, thus ensuring the best possible prices and options for our clients.

Please contact your local Blue Water office or the air charter team on for any request or question you may have. We look forward to supply you with an estimated price for a air charter solution, that matches your need and demand.