Assisting British fishing boats

Blue Water Brest is experiencing a strong growth in the customs activities after Brexit

Assisting British fishing boats

In France, we have been focusing on a new potential - low-hanging fruit - for a while. It has indeed proved to be quite interesting, and we have had to employ additional manpower to cope with the increased work volume.

Before Brexit, the British fishing boats landed their catches in Roscoff or Guilvinec in Brittany and sold the fish at the fish auction in Guilvinec. Now the fish must be declared to customs, and Brest is the only port in the region that is authorised to discharge these boats.

“Recently, we have been assisting British fishing boats calling at Brest to land their fresh catches. The latest one was the fishing boat “Ajax” - registered in Newlyn, Cornwall – landing its catch of 9,800 kilos, mainly pollack”, says Claire Lamballe from Blue Water’s Customs department in Brest. Claire is pleased with the booming activity and looks forward to welcoming more British fishing boats to Brest in the future.

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