Blue Water opens office in Thyboron

Seeing a future great potential, Blue Water opens office in the Port of Thyboron

Blue Water opens office in Thyboron

FL: Bjarke Troelberg Vinther (Kynde & Toft), Søren Stougaard (Blue Water), Per Jensen (Blue Water) and Niels Vinther Jensen (Kynde & Toft).

For several years, Blue Water has been active with different port-related services in Thyboron on the west coast of Jutland.

“In recent years, we have been involved in various projects. Seeing a future great potential, we have decided to open an office in the Port of Thyboron in cooperation with a local partner, Kynde & Toft”, says Søren Stougaard from Blue Water’s Port Service Division.

Since its establishment in 1958, Kynde & Toft has been an active part of the technical development of the fishing industry. Over the past 30 years, they have developed and manufactured hydraulic components and equipment. Also, minor and major steel constructions, extension of vessels and repair of all forms of construction machinery are part of their product range.

Kynde & Toft employs 72 people and is based in Thyboron at a 4,000 m2 area comprising workshops, warehouse and office facilities. The company is co-owner of the Thyboron Floating Dock and has two mobile cranes at disposal. Managing Director of Kynde & Toft, Niels Olaf Vinther, is pleased with the new cooperation with Blue Water:

“Over the years, we have developed our business, and this new partnership with Blue Water marks another step forward. We see great potential in the cooperation benefitting our two companies – as well as new and existing clients and partners”, says Olaf Vinther Jensen.  

Present in all Danish ports

Blue Water, which is one of the biggest transport and logistics groups in Denmark, holds a prominent position within port-related services including stevedoring, shipbroking and warehousing. These services are offered in all Danish ports – through our own offices and strong partners.

“Having strong local partners is important for Blue Water – also in Thyboron. In this new cooperation, we complement each other brilliantly. Kynde & Toft has an extensive business and roots in the region which we supplement with our comprehensive network and expertise. These factors enable us to provide additional services to existing clients, and we also wish to offer our service to new clients”, says Søren Stougaard.     

Optimistic Port Director

Thyboron Port is a dynamic and strong port with a firm position as one of the three most important fishing ports in Denmark. However, unlike other fishing ports, Thyboron is atypical because of its large flow of cargo. The port has during the past ten years developed from being a pure fishing port to becoming the bulk cargo port for Central and West Jutland. Thanks to its unique location on the North Sea coast relatively close to Industrial Denmark combined with ideal water depth, excellent quay and warehousing facilities, Thyboron Port now handles around 1.5 million tonnes of bulk cargo annually.

Port Director Jesper Holt Jensen is pleased with Blue Water’s establishment in Thyboron.

“That Blue Water establishes an office in Thyboron in cooperation with a local actor is indeed positive for Thyboron Port. This initiative strongly supports the port’s strategy and focus on cargo and offshore activities. We look forward to a continued – and now local - cooperation with Blue Water Shipping”, says the Port Director stressing the fact that the port has shaped course for future offshore activities.

Special mention may be made of the future offshore wind farms “Vesterhav Nord”, “Vesterhav Syd” and the world’s first wind energy hub constructed as an artificial island in the North Sea. The port infrastructure is developing by leaps and bounds. With the opening of excellent project quay facilities, Thyboron forms a fully equipped service base and installation port for offshore projects.