New Business Development Manager will develop sustainable solutions

Per is to ensure Blue Water’s clients green transport solutions

New Business Development Manager will develop sustainable solutions

Sustainable transport solutions will open up for a greener Blue Water. That is why we have welcomed Per Jakobsen, who will contribute to the green transition through innovative solutions, internal development and a close collaboration with external climate partners.

“I am looking forward to creating green solutions which are both easily available as well as easier to see through, making the value visible for our clients and their clients. Hopefully, I can also contribute to stripping away the misconception in the industry that green initiatives hinder growth and black numbers on the bottom line. It must be an accelerator for the further development in the long run”, says Per Jakobsen, who is new Business Development Manager for Sustainable Solutions at Blue Water.

With experience from a similar position, Per has previously worked with CO2 reduction and green fuel at Norwegian and Swedish companies. With a great personal interest in green transition, Per has additionally finished a diploma degree in waste management and circular economy.

Tailored solutions lead the way for Fibertex

08 October 2021

Fibertex has experienced improvements of both precision in arrival of trucks, loading and unloading with Blue Water at the helm. During summer 2021, Blue Water was entrusted more traffics.

Blue Water enters Canada

15 September 2021

Blue Water Shipping expands reefer activities in the North Atlantic Region by the acquisition of Newfoundland-based Freightway International