Renewed contract with Scanvaegt Systems

Scanvaegt Systems is winning export markets, and Blue Water is on board

Renewed contract with Scanvaegt Systems

About eight years ago when Blue Water and Scanvaegt Systems entered into an agreement, the company was only exporting to the Nordic countries. Since then, Scanvaegt Systems’ production has grown to cover export to several European countries as well as overseas. And Blue Water handles all their transports by road, sea and air.

Covering the entire transport palet

“Before we met Blue Water, we had not yet known a forwarder who was able to cover our full range of transport challenges. Now, quality and service are first class all the way through. In particular, the one point of contact concept adds value as it gives us time to focus on our core business”, says Kim Jensen, Logistics Manager, Scanvaegt Systems.

Especially, the company’s weighing systems, portioning and labelling solutions to the food industry has contributed to the export boom within and out of Europe. And this may involve special transport assignments.

“We are very dependent on our machinery to arrive as agreed, so the installation can be carried out by our technicians on site. Blue Water’s Individual Solutions team delivers unique service meaning that we are always able to meet the installation deadline. This flexibility and readiness are very valuable to us”, Kim Jensen continues.

Long-term cooperation creates benefits

It is no secret that the competition on the transport market is tough. That is why we at Blue Water are proud of the good cooperation with Scanvaegt, which has now been running for eight years and has just been renewed:

“In this industry, loyalty cannot be taken for granted. Our long-term and steady cooperation with Scanvaegt Systems is the result of a close dialogue and our understanding of their logistics chain. It is obvious that the longer we have been servicing them the better we know their needs. For this reason, we manage to create solutions that the competitors are not able to”, says Dejan Brajkovic, Key Account Manager at Blue Water.

“Scanvaegt Systems, which is based in Aarhus, Denmark, covers five business areas: industrial weights, weighbridge, retail sale, software and a service team of more than 100 employees with subsidiaries in five countries. The company is Danish-owned and holds production in Denmark.