Royal Arctic Line will depart from Aarhus as from 1 July 2022

Royal Arctic Line’s port of call in Denmark will this summer be transferred to Aarhus

Royal Arctic Line will depart from Aarhus as from 1 July 2022

At Blue Water, we have been preparing for the transition from Aalborg to Aarhus for a long time.

With our own terminals of more than 40,000 sqm in Port of Aarhus, we are ready to continue the high-quality packing and handling of cargo to and from Greenland. In this way, the change will not affect the level of service for our customers.

Blue Water is upgrading 6,000 sqm terminal in Aarhus, making the facilities more efficient for receiving and handling cargo.

“Originally expecting that Royal Arctic Line would not change to Aarhus until 1 January 2023, the modernisation plans were expected to be completed during third quarter of 2022. That continues to be our ambition, and we expect to be finished by the autumn of 2022”, says Kenneth S. Pedersen, Head of Operations North Atlantic, Blue Water.

This means that customers still can deliver general cargo and flatrack cargo in Aalborg – also after 1 July 2022. From here, Blue Water will pack and transport the cargo by road or rail to Aarhus. We will inform you well in advance about the transfer date for delivery to Aarhus.

Customers in Northern Jutland who want to continue to deliver to Blue Water Aalborg will from October 2022 be offered fixed line haul from Aalborg to Aarhus.