Fast cargo delivery

Urgent documents, perishable food products or industrial cargo. We provide the very air freight service suited for you and your shipment. Just choose what you need

Air freight experts and chartering services

Cooperating with Blue Water gives you access to global air freight solutions, courier service and air chartering based on your individual requirements. As an accredited IATA member, we provide quality and high standards through our worldwide network of agents and partners.

Maybe a short transit time and fast delivery are important for you – or perhaps you prefer a cost-effective air freight solution. In both cases, we can help you.

Together, we will find a solution based on what is most important for you.

Chartering an aircraft for individual passengers, your crew, groups or cargo is only the beginning. We can also assist with packing, customs handling, consolidation services and door-to-door deliveries – in fact, everything you need in air freight is within reach.

Air Freight Specialists

Trained staff

Trained staff

Planning air transport requires special knowledge of the capacity of the different types of aircrafts as well as of the type of cargo. Blue Water is a registered IATA agent – you can always ask our experts for advice.



We offer consolidation services for air freight to and from all main trade centres in the world. Why not benefit from this flexible and cost-effective solution.



Time flies – especially when you are busy and working under pressure. When you need a swift transport solution, you can always contact us – we can arrange.

Certified IATA agents

Since 1978, we have been registered IATA agents. This is your guarantee that our staff are examined and trained according to the IATA standards. Our air freight forwarders have built special expertise in handling all types of cargo through years of solving challenging air transport projects for clients worldwide. This expertise also includes courier service, in case you need a swift solution.

Let us help you

Air chartering

Air chartering

As a private, independent company, we can select the best aircrafts for you if you are transporting passengers, crew, out-of-gauge or any other type of cargo.

Rail and Sea-Air

Rail and Sea-Air

Our flexibility enables us to provide rail and combined sea and air transport. This is a cost-efficient alternative to air freight alone and a faster alternative to sea freight.


We handle customs for our clients worldwide. Our dedicated teams of specialists have expert knowledge of the local customs rules and regulations.


Protect your cargo with an insurance at a favourable premium. Our insurance offers better coverage than the average cargo insurance.

High quality freight solutions

As an independent freight forwarder, we cooperate with a large variety of carefully selected partners worldwide. We choose our business partners on the basis of criteria, such as quality, service and reliability, because we want our clients to trust us.

We repay our clients' trust with quality solutions, unique and personal service and by keeping our promises.

Track & Trace

Tracking of shipments, parcels, containers or a specific vessel is a very popular service. We have developed our own tracking system for our clients – Compass. Compass is accessible for all clients, through our website, and provides real time information about shipments and cargo 24/7/365. The system can be customised to any industry, product and market.

Our tracking system is developed to be accessible anytime and anywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Services and expertise


Logistics solutions designed to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry


Customs formalities including customs clearance of goods


Coordination and transport for exhibitors to/from trade fairs worldwide


Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality requirements

Cargo Insurance

Facilitating cargo insurance through recognised insurance company

IT Solutions

IT solutions tailored to satisfy the clients’ needs

North Atlantic

Transport solutions to the North Atlantic region by sea, road and air


Storage of any kind of commodities, storage hotel and bonded warehouse