We play as a team

Blue Water Shipping is a Danish owned company, and since we were founded by Kurt Skov in 1972, we have had the same core values and strong foundation. This is our glue and our fundamental DNA.

In the past years, Blue Water has grown a lot and it is our ambition to continue the growth in the right pace. To ensure continued success, we must keep focus on our purpose, direction and values.

TOGETHER WE CREATE SOLUTIONS is Blue Water’s purpose and BEST IN TOWN is our direction.

We work together – internal in Blue Water as well as external with our customers, suppliers, partners and society – and we strive to be the best at what we do.

To be a part of Blue Water is being a part of a strong and committed team. Trust, dedication and team spirit are decisive factors for how we work and win.

Søren Nørgaard Thomsen
CEO Blue Water Shipping

Why join Blue Water?

Community and personal development

We improve the competencies of each individual employee for the purpose of meeting our strategic goals as well as the customers' individual solution requirements.

We aim to be the most desirable workplace in the cities we operate. As Blue Water employee you will become a part of an international workday where everyday is different.

We constantly focus on
  • Ongoing development of our BWS Academy (courses, programmes, education for both employees and managers).
  • Being engaged in the local community around the world. Furthermore, we support UN’s Sustainable
  • Development Goals, especially on goals 3, 12, 13, 16 supported by goal number 17
  • Having a great mix of different competencies – always with focus on business talent and enthusiasm.
  • Constantly developing our managers on all levels. In this way, they are skilled, engaged and prescient.

The Blue Water values

We play as a team – and we play to win

The colour of service is Blue – we work with passion to serve customers better, every day, everywhere

We keep our promises – because our business is built on trust

We believe in strong and long-lasting relations – enabling everyone to run a good business

Our responsibility reaches beyond our business – we take care of each other, our partners and society

We constantly question status quo – dedicated to improving our efficiency

Three pieces of good advice

  1. Explore your opportunities at Blue Water and start your job application process online.
  2. Visit our career site to see open positions. The jobs are displayed with job title, and you can find more detailed information about specific requirements in the job descriptions. You simply press “Apply” to apply online.
  3. Take your time to fill in your candidate profile. You can save your application on the way and return to it if necessary. In case you wish to apply for more than one position or work more than one place, you must fill in an application form for each position. You can easily go over, update or withdraw your applications through your candidate profile.

We will let you know when we receive your information, and if your application meets our requirements, we will invite you to a job interview.

What we emphasise

We have gathered the best tips from our recruitment team. Read this if you are interested in knowing how you create the best possible job application as well as what we look for when we hire our new colleagues.

  1. Target and personalise the application. Reflect on the requirements in the job advertisement and address them.
  2. Research the company, products and services. Preparation is important, and it shows.
  3. Substantiate your motivation for choosing our company. Why do you apply for a position here?
  4. Highlight your competences matching our requirements from the job advertisement. However, do not simply list your full range of competences.
  5. Produce a resume where we quickly can identify your career and educational course chronologically. You will indicate tidiness, structure, an eye for detail, the ability to prioritise and other matters.
  6. Future career. Where are you going? Rule of thumb: An application is prospective, and a resume is retrospective. No manager is interested in hiring a person who is already motivated for an entirely different job. On the contrary, we look for people with ambition and talent for more.

Our hiring process

Frequently asked questions

Every company has their own hiring process and luckily, we are all different. For that reason, we have assembled the answers for many different questions so you can be well prepared. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any further questions.

You can either upload an unsolicited application or apply for an open position. You can see open positions here, and send your unsolicited application by clicking here.

All applications must go through the website, and we do not accept applications on email or by mail.

We are trying to make this possible. It depends on whether the individual office/department has the time and tasks to occupy an intern. You can apply here and then we will consider the possibilities and get back to you.

We are doing anything we can to give you an answer to your application as quickly as possible. If you have applied for an advertised position, you will be informed about where you are in the process. If you have sent an unsolicited application and we find you interesting, we will regularly check for opportunities and get back to you.

We have many different positions and possibilities at Blue Water. Most of our employees are shipping agents, however, we also occupy warehouse and terminal employees, managers as well as support functions such as IT, Finance, Marketing & Communications and Administration. You can visit our website, if you wish to find out whether your dream job is available.

Blue Water is a special workplace. We embrace our differences and collaborate to succeed. Moreover, we promote safe and healthy working environments. Above, you can see or read more about our workplace, or hear what employees say about working here.

At Blue Water we meet the standards of GDPR and the legal requirements concerning the treatment of personal information. You can read more here.

Before you start, we will send you pre-boarding material which consist of a welcoming video, Code of Conduct, safety information and much more.

When you start, there will be induction training, which we will follow up on. The on-boarding is wrapped up by a 3 months interview.

We encourage anyone, regardless of background, to apply for a position at Blue Water. We embrace differences and have a diverse staff of employees.

When we receive an unsolicited application, we read it and evaluate whether there is a potential match for a position. If this is not the case, you will receive a rejection letter.

If there is a potential match, your application will be stored in our job database for possible later use. If a potential position opens, you will be contacted if you are interested in becoming a candidate for this position.

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The size of a document is limited to 20MB.