Refrigerated transport and cold storage

Blue Water’s specialists offer you worldwide solutions by road, sea and air for cold, chilled and frozen food products or other products requiring temperature-controlled transport

Transport of products with freezer or reefer trailer requirements

Ensuring an unbroken cold chain for temperature-controlled products takes the right solution. Blue Water provides customised solutions tailored to your needs, including cross trade, door-to-door delivery, combined refrigerated transport where a given temperature is upheld, and cold storage of goods.

With a large fleet of modern refrigerated trucks on the road and partners in the major European food import markets, we guarantee that transport quality and safety are ensured upon delivery.

At our reefer terminal, we primarily use solar energy to power the terminal and cool our fleet of refrigerated trailers. It's our mission to help our customers move towards a more sustainable supply chain.

We offer global refrigerated transport in reefer trailers, using the most recognised and reliable partners. Blue Water is also a major transport provider of fish and other refrigerated goods in the North Atlantic. From our more than 80 offices we always deliver solutions based on local know-how.

Refrigerated transport of all products

We ensure an unbroken cold chain for your cargo from pick-up until delivery to make sure that the quality of your products remains of high standard.

Keeping your perishables fresh during transport is one of our core competences, and through daily departures, you can always expect fresh supplies.

Among other things, we handle:

  • Perishables such as dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits etc.
  • Seafood and fish
  • Pharmaceuticals

Reefer freight by road, sea and air


We transport chilled products in the North Atlantic region and Europe. Our modern refrigerated trucks transport perishables via our cold store facilities.


We ship thousands of TEUs each year and provide our clients with services including veterinary inspections, customs clearance and chartering of vessels.


Our specialised perishables team provides reefer logistics solutions by air ensuring that your products arrive on time and correctly chilled.

Modern reefer trailers control the temperature

Our modern reefer trailers are equipped with GPRS monitoring and fleet management. With these technological tools, we always know the exact position and temperature of the cargo.

We know that the slightest deviation in temperature may end up being a costly affair. However, by controlling the temperature, we make sure that the cold chain remains unbroken and that your perishable chilled, cold and frozen cargo stays fresh - from pick-up until delivery.

Reliable Perishables Logistics by air freight

Our specialised Perishables team provides temperature-controlled air freight solutions ensuring that your products arrive on time and correctly chilled or frozen. When choosing us as your partner, you will get a team of dedicated specialists with long and valuable experience within reefer logistics.

With worldwide solutions using A Class Airlines with special fresh temperature-controlled services, we offer everything from active aircraft containers with a temperature range from -20 to +30 degrees centigrade to passive solutions securing you a steady temperature during the entire transport. Daily departures give the opportunity to improve your supply chain.

Since 1978, we have been registered IATA agents. This is your guarantee that our staff are examined and trained according to the IATA standards. 

Keeping your perishables fresh during transport is one of our core competences, and we offer some of the best solutions on the market. Each day, we handle a wide range of perishables transports:

  • Foodstuffs such as dairy products, meat, vegetables, fruits and berries
  • Fish and seafood
  • Food ingredients such as protein powder, milk powder and food supplements
  • Pet food and animal feed

We also handle documentation such as Health Certificates, Certificates of Origin etc.

Cross Trade through global network

Through a comprehensive network of our own offices, combined with agents and partners in markets all over the world, you will benefit from our cross trade services. From anywhere to everywhere using our local contacts and their expert knowledge.

Whether you need to ship beef from South America to the Middle East, fish from the Far East to West Africa or poultry from USA to the Black Sea, we have the experience and the right connections to move your cargo in an efficient and competitive way.

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