General Conditions

Here you will find Blue Water's General Conditions and a selection of laws applied in the transport and shipping industry

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General conditions

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General Conditions

EU has decided to introduce harmonised rules governing VAT exempt Intra-Community trade. This appears from a new EU directive “Quick Fix directive”, in which several variants are given on how business enterprises can provide evidence that their export or import has taken place.

EU Trade Documentation

Blue Water Scandinavia operates in accordance with the conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders.

The Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders has, together with the Danish Chamber of Commerce and representatives of the industry's central organisations in the other Nordic Countries, negotiated the general conditions NSAB 2015.

NSAB 2015 are the underlying rules and regulations regulating the terms and conditions between the transport purchaser and the freight forwarder.

NSAB 2015 (Danish)

NSAB 2015 (English)

NSAB 2015 (Norwegian)

NSAB 2015 (Swedish)

NSAB 2015 (Finnish)

All stevedoring is performed under the General Terms of Danish Shipbrokers and Port Operators.

DSHAB 2024 are the underlying rules and regulations regulating the terms and conditions between port operator and client.

DSHAB 2024 (EN)

All services rendered are subject to Blue Water Shipping A/S' terms and conditions for conducting shipbroking services.

Shipbroking conditions

Please find a selection of local transport and shipping conditions, rules and laws.

Trade Compliance

Blue Water has established a comprehensive compliance programme and performs due diligence, monitoring and follow-up on shipments to identified high-risk countries.

Fiata (worldwide)



SLA (Singapore)

BIFA STC 2017 (England-Wales)

BIFA STC 2017 (Scotland)

Fenex (English)

Fenex (Dutch)

CGV TLF 2017 (English)

CGV TLF 2017 (French)

Apat 2000 (English)

Apat 2000 (Portuguese)