Road Transport surcharges and fees

As a trustworthy partner, we give our clients transparency in the total costs of their shipments by explaining the structure of our surcharges

Surcharges and fees to and from Denmark

See the surcharges and fees for transport to and from Denmark here. If you need to know the charges for other countries, please contact your local Blue Water office.


Applicable for export/import road transportation involving Denmark and below mentioned countries.

Rates are adjusted monthly based on the average exchange rate of the previous month.


September 2021

Sweden: 1.90%
Norway: 5.80%
Switzerland 5.10%
United Kingdom: 0.90%

August 2021

Sweden: 2.00%
Norway: 4.20%
Switzerland: 4.50%
United Kingdom: 0.80%

CAF = Currency Adjustment Factor

Fuel Surcharges

September 2021

Denmark domestic: 19.20%
UK & Ireland: 46.50%
Finland: 46.60%
Rest of Europe: 45.00%

August 2021

Denmark domestic: 19.20%
UK & Ireland: 46.40%
Finland: 46.50%
Rest of Europe: 44.90%

* Surcharges may vary as shipping line fuel charge is included in the total calculation.

Blue Water in Denmark has introduced a variable fuel surcharge for European road transport to and from Denmark.
Please be aware that the diesel surcharge will be adjusted if Blue Water's expense and pricing structure changes.

Temporary capacity fee 

The significant capacity challenge - which have been impacting the overseas markets and carried heavy freight rises – has also hit Europe and thereby the road traffic. On all our European markets we experience an increased pressure to procure trucks, drivers and trailers. And thereby, transports are in general becoming more costly.

At Blue Water, we can determine that the quantities continue to increase, and the European capacity remains unchanged. It is no longer possible to absorb the increasing costs while continuing to maintain same level of service and quality.

For this reason, Blue Water introduces a temporary capacity fee which will be removed once the situation is back to normal.

Temporary Brexit fee

Due to delays on customs clearance from British side and strict corona restrictions, we are introducing a temporary Brexit fee of 5.8% per shipment to continuously sustain our transport lines to and from the UK. This fee covers all shipments to and from the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland. When the situation is back to normal, we will remove the fee again.

EU Road Tax adjustment

Effective from 01.01.2020

The EU Road Tax comprises all charges paid for Maut, road tax and toll in the European countries.

The individual countries currently make minor and major adjustments of these charges which contribute to upgrading the road network.

Last time we changed our prices was on 1 January 2019 in connection with Germany’s heavy increase of its Maut tariff.

This time there will be few and minor adjustments:

  • Denmark is, together with Holland and Luxembourg among others, a member of the Eurovignette cooperation. In 2019 the price increased from € 8 per day to € 12 per day
  • Austria has increased the rates by 5-6 percent as from 1 January and has introduced an additional increase (20.3%) on the important transit distance to Italy

The consequence of these adjustments means that the EU Road Tax will increase by 2-3 percent for the Benelux countries, Austria and Italy.

If you have any questions to this subject, your Blue Water contact will be pleased to help.

EU Road Tax 2020 (UK)

Parking surcharge

The Danish government has imposed restrictions for trucks parking on rest areas in Denmark.

The new regulation takes effect in Denmark as of 1 July 2018. We have calculated the consequence of the governmental measure and it is an ascertainable fact that our expenses will increase considerably. We therefore we have no choice but to introduce a separate “Parking Surcharge” of 3.5 percent of the freight amount. The surcharge will take effect as from 1 August 2018 and will be added on all transport- rates to and from Denmark.

Parking surcharge

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us.

Adjusting Lack of Capacity surcharge

Within all our markets we experience an intensified pressure on the provision of trucks. At the same time, we see less trucks available as there is still a substantial shortage of truck drivers.

To be able to provide service to our clients and cover their present demands, it is necessary to adjust the surcharge that we introduced in the autumn of 2017.

With effect as from 1 August 2018, we will therefore increase the “LOC” surcharge (Lack of Capacity) from 5.0 percent to 8.5 percent.

As this is a situation beyond our control, we kindly ask for your understanding in this respect.

Lack of Capacity surcharge

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us.


SECA fee

Sulphur Emission Fee

New sulphur rules are imposed on shipping lines as per 1 Januar 2015 in order to reduce sulphur emission by 2016 in the Sulphur Emission Area (SECA) of the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel.

Subsequently, shipping lines are enforcing an extra fee, which we regret having to charge our customers for shipments after 1 Jan 2015. All fees are calculated after payable weight.

Introduction of SECA surcharge on the Irish Sea
As from 1 January 2020, vessels navigating the Irish Sea are under an obligation to use fuel with lower sulphur content, resulting in less pollution.

This will entail necessary investments/expenses for the shipping lines involved.

Therefore, a Low Sulphur Surcharge will be imposed on navigation and consequently also on sea freight on the Irish Sea as of 1 january 2020.

September/August 2021

SECA September 2021 (EUR)

SECA August 2021 (EUR)

Surcharges for Winter Road Service in Norway

From 1 November 2021 to 1 May 2022

Minimum: DKK 18 (per shipment)
500-999 kg: DKK 38
1,000-2,499 kg: DKK 65
2,500-4,999 kg: DKK 92
5,000-9,999 kg: DKK 101
10,000-14,999 kg: DKK 104
15,000-19,999 kg: DKK 138
20,000-21,999 kg: DKK 147
22,000-FTL: DKK 170 (max)

Congestion Fee on the A7 in Germany

The German authorities have launched a very comprehensive widening of the motorway between Bordesholm and Hamburg as well a conversion of the motorway stretch from the Elbe Tunnel to Schnelsen into an underground motorway. In spite of careful preparation and thorough information from the German side, traffic congestion is becoming a major problem.

In general, the congestion is causing delays for each transport on this motorway stretch, resulting in increased operating costs - which so far have been paid by us.

Until the traffic returns to normal, we will have to introduce a temporary congestion fee.

The fee applies for all transports between Denmark west of the great Belt and the Continent, where the A7 transit corridor Bordesholm-Hamburg is used.

We regret that we have to introduce this surcharge and hope for your understanding in this matter. If you have any questions, you are as always welcome to contact your local Blue Water contact.

As of 1 November 2016

Minimum DKK 12 per shipment
DKK 1.35 per 100 kg (freight payable weight)
Maximum DKK 185 per shipment