Road Transport surcharges and fees

As a trustworthy partner, we give our clients transparency in the total costs of their shipments by explaining the structure of our surcharges

Surcharges and fees

Applicable for export/import road transportation involving Denmark and below mentioned countries. If you need to know the charges for other countries, please contact your local Blue Water office.

Rates are adjusted monthly based on the average exchange rate of the previous month.

EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)

The EU ETS fee covers a tax on CO2 emissions from ferries. Blue Water calculates the ETS rates on a monthly basis.

ETS fee June (EUR)

ETS fee May (EUR)


June 2024

Sweden: 0.00%
Norway: 0.00%
Switzerland: 10.40%
United Kingdom: 0.80%

May 2024

Sweden: 0.00%
Norway: 0.00%
Switzerland: 10.50%
United Kingdom: 0.90%

CAF = Currency Adjustment Factor

Fuel Surcharges

June 2024

Denmark domestic: 26.50%
UK & Ireland: 59.80%
Finland: 59.90%
Rest of Europe: 58.30%

May 2024

Denmark domestic: 27.10%
UK & Ireland: 61.20%
Finland: 61.30%
Rest of Europe: 59.70%

* Surcharges may vary as shipping line fuel charge is included in the total calculation.

Blue Water in Denmark has introduced a variable fuel surcharge for European road transport to and from Denmark.
Please be aware that the diesel surcharge will be adjusted if Blue Water's expense and pricing structure changes.

EU Road Tax adjustment

The EU Road Tax comprises all charges paid for Maut, road tax and toll in the European countries. The individual countries currently make minor and major adjustments of these charges which contribute to upgrading the road network.

EU Road Tax 2024 (EUR)

Effective from 01.01.2024

As of 1 January 2024, the road tax in Austria increased by 7.42%. This affects the rate of EU Road Tax for transport to/from/via Austria.

As of 1 January 2024, the road tax in Hungary increased by up to 50%. This affects the EU Road Tax rate for transport to/from/via Hungary.

Effective from 01.12.2023

As of 1 December, the road tax in Germany (maut) increased by 83.2%. This affects the EU Road Tax rate for transport to/from/via Germany.

Effective from 01.03.2023

As from 1 February, the road tax in France increased with 4.75%. This affects the rate of EU Road Tax in relation to transport to/from/via France, Spain and Portugal. 

Effective from 01.01.2023

As from 1 January 2023, the road tax increased with 3.9% in Germany and with 4.1% in Austria. This affects the rate of EU Road Tax in relation to transport to/from/via these countries. 

Port Infrastructure Charge UK

There have been recent changes regarding shipping cargo to the UK, effective from 30 April 2024. The changes are due to the UK government's new border control model, "Border Target Operating Model" (BTOM). 
From 30 April 2024, certain goods sent from the EU to the UK must be reinspected upon arrival. This inspection has necessitated a new Port Infrastructure Charge UK to optimise the inspection process. To cover the cost of this new infrastructure, selected ports have introduced the surcharge. At present, Immingham and Hull have introduced this surcharge. 
The following surcharges will apply to goods shipped to the UK and Ireland from 1 June 2024:

Minimum per consignment  5,00 0.67
Flat rate per 100 kg 0,75 0.10
Maximum per FTL 120,00 16.09

This surcharge is applied to all loaded units, regardless of the type of goods, arriving from the EU at the specified ports.

Brexit fee

Due to delays on customs clearance from British side, we are introducing a Brexit fee of 9.7 % per shipment to continuously sustain our transport lines to and from the UK. This fee covers all shipments to and from the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

SECA fee

Sulphur Emission Fee

Since 2015, sulphur rules have been imposed on shipping lines to reduce sulphur emission in the Sulphur Emission Area (SECA) of the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea. All fees are calculated after payable weight.

SECA June 2024 (EUR)

SECA May 2024 (EUR)