Full service to vessel and crew

Port Service is a core business of Blue Water and has been since 1972. Local knowledge and a worldwide network of specialised offices and agents create unique solutions

Port service providers in any port

In connection with port calls, Blue Water provides supply services and full service to crew, shipowners and management.

Other related services including port and customs documentation, cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing and chartering are also taken care of by our professional teams.

Chartering the right type of vessel is important for achieving a successful project. Whether our clients need short or long-term chartering, we will be able to provide via our worldwide contact to shipping lines and shipowners.

Furthermore, our stevedores and engineers are specialised in handling all kinds of bulk products, project cargo, heavy lift and general cargo while focusing on quality and safety.

Logistics management for dry docking and yard stays for cruise vessels, ferries and oil rigs are also an important element in our selection of port-related services.

Blue Water is a member of various shipbrokers associations worldwide, including Fonasba, Bimco and the Danish Shipbrokers Association.

We are ready when you need us

We cover all Danish ports. For general inquiries please contact Agency Esbjerg.

Esbjerg +45 4058 5690 – agency_ebj@bws.net

Aalborg +45 7913 4758 – agency_aal@bws.net
Aarhus +45 7913 4339 – agency_aar@bws.net
Copenhagen +45 5336 5239 – agency_cph@bws.net
Frederikshavn +45 7913 4758 – agency_fre@bws.net
Hirtshals +45 7913 4758 – agency_hir@bws.net
Lindo +45 7913 4274 – agency_lin@bws.net
Nyborg +45 7913 4274 – agency_lin@bws.net
Rodby +45 7913 4688 – agency_rod@bws.net
Skagen +45 7913 4758 – agency_aal@bws.net
Thyboron +45 4058 5690 – agency_thy@bws.net

Port-related services


Our close contact with shipowners worldwide means that we can always charter any kind of vessel for you.

Port Agency

Our team of skilled port agents are always close and you can reach us 24/7 for local port agency expertise.


No matter what kind of cargo you need to load or discharge, our stevedores will handle your shipment with care.


Do you need indoor or outdoor storage of dry cargo, industrial cargo or chilled and frozen products? We provide it all.

Supervising and safe operations

The responsibility of our Supercargoes is to ensure that the stevedores provide safe and effective unloading and loading operations. Our specialists travel around the world to supervise all stages of a project when operations are performed in the busiest ports worldwide.

Our aim is to ensure that the cargo is lifted, lashed, welded and secured properly and that everyone on site is safe before, during and after an operation.

Blue Water is a member of


As a member of the international organisation Fonasba, we provide trustworthy port agency services for ships and shipowners worldwide.


We are part of the worldwide shipbroking organisation BIMCO which keeps us updated on latest developments within the industry.

Heavy Duty Load Test

At Lindo, Denmark, we offer excellent facilities for the performance of high quality and efficient load testing. Applying CE approved test equipment, we test any type of heavy duty lifting equipment. As our service is extremely cost-efficient, we can ship our heavy lift yokes and equipment between the test centre at Lindo and virtually any location in Europe.

We work closely with consulting engineers to provide calculations and CE approval for construction of new lifting equipment.

Comprehensive base facility services

Access to proper base facilities makes the difference in any operation. Blue Water has been operating base facilities for more than 20 years. The effective delivery of integrated supply base operations depends on the successful planning of all activities: cargo and vessel handling, transport, resources and flows.

We offer comprehensive services and solutions through our worldwide network of Blue Water offices combined with a wide range of in-house expertise and resources.

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Services and expertise


Chartering of any kind of vessels for any purpose


Customs formalities including customs clearance of goods


Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality requirements

Cargo Insurance

Facilitating cargo insurance through recognised insurance company

IT Solutions

IT solutions tailored to satisfy the clients’ needs

Port Agency

Port-related services to vessels in connection with port calls


Loading/discharging of vessels including cargo planning and securing 


Storage of any kind of commodities, storage hotel and bonded warehouse