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Blue Water is among the top players in wind logistics, wind turbine transport and other renewables providing one-stop-shop solutions

Worldwide solutions for transport of renewables

Since the mid-nineties, we have been involved in the worldwide wind turbine industry and can display a long track record of worldwide projects - onshore and offshore.

Our services comprise specialised short and deep sea solutions, including haulage from factory to site for wind turbines, solar power cells, foundations, cables and other components. Furthermore, our specialist teams arrange hotel accommodation vessels as well as transfer, support and service vessels.

In the start-up phase of a renewables project, our project experts make pre-planning and pre-surveys of ports, roads and sites to make sure the your cargo will reach the destination safely and in good condition.

A vital focus area when handling the large and complex components is safety. We operate with a zero incident mindset, and advanced IT systems take care of damage control as well as monitoring every step in the project process.

One-stop-shop ensures efficiency

Our mission is to make logistics simple and efficient for our clients. Through our one-stop-shop concept, we cover all steps of the logistics chain with in-house expertise – from the production facilities to delivery on site.

Anywhere in the world, our Renewables logistics teams will assist with all details to ensure that all operations are planned properly and executed safely. Innovation, IT monitoring and unique personal service characterise our company – it is as simple as that.

Select services


Door-to-door transport of wind turbine components and blades, onshore and offshore as well as to solar parks. 


Innovation is part of the way we work, and we aim to continue our development and methods.


Storing valuable components requires space and secured areas. We can provide both.


Our supercargoes make sure that loading and discharging proceed according to plan.

Track record for major wind projects

Hubs, nacelles, blades and complete wind turbines. We have transported it all – as shown in our track record. Working for some of the world’s most recognised wind turbine producers, we have performed thousands of wind turbine transports to both onshore and offshore wind farms.

Through heavy traffic in the busiest cities in the world and to some of the most remote locations, we have planned special solutions for the projects and handled every step of the operation, met with speed, precision and efficiency.

Safety during handling and transport

For decades, we have developed transport solutions for wind turbines, blades, solar power panels, and foundations to the industry.

Our long involvement in project transport constitutes a solid basis for handling the large and heavy foundations. Providing foundation transport means that we offer a complete optimisation of the logistics flow to our clients.

We have developed our own methods based on in-house competences and provide a strong set-up for worldwide foundation transports.

Handling of all types of cargo

Our stevedores are trained to handle all types of cargo and heavy lift projects in a safe manner according to Danish Law. We have committed to an innovative approach to be at the forefront of the development within stevedoring. Therefore, innovation is an essential part of the way we work.

With out-of-gauge cargo, bigger and bigger wind components and challenging Ro/Ro shipments, we constantly develop our methods so that we can always guarantee our clients that their cargo will be handled in the best possible way.

Offshore Wind Track Record

1. Butendiek (288 MW)
2. Meervind (400 MW)
3. Humber Gateway (219 MW)
4. Robin Rigg (180 MW)
5. Walney I+II (367 MW)
6. West of Duddon S. (389 MW)
7. Gwynt y Mõr (576 MW)
8. Lincs (270 MW)

9. London Array (630 MW)
10. Thanet (300 MW)
11. Northwind (216 MW)
12. Greater Gabbard (504 MW)
13. Sheringham Shoal (315 MW)
14. Riffgat (108 MW)
15. Q7 / Princess Amalia (120 MW)
16. DanTysk (288 MW)

17. Horns Rev I+II (369 MW)
18. Anholt (400 MW)
19. Baltic II (288 MW)
20. Kaarehamn (48 MW)
21. Sandbank (288 MW)
22. Amrumbank (288 MW)
23. Westermost Rough (210 MW)
24. Borkum Riffgrund I+II (762 MW)

25. Global Tech I (400 MW)
26. Wester Meerwind (288 MW)
27. Eneco Luchterduinen (128 MW)
28. Gemini (600 MW)
29. Wikinger (350 MW)
30. Block Island (USA) (30 MW)
31. Walney Ext. (659 MW)
32. Tahkoluoto (42 MW)

Onhore Wind Track Record

1. Denmark (737 MW)
2. Sweden (1443 MW)
3. Norway (1186 MW)
4. Finland (157 MW)
5. UK (1025 MW)
6. Ireland (498 MW)
7. Germany (1887 MW)
8. Poland (373 MW)
9. Netherlands (20 MW)
10. Italy (522 MW)
11. Spain (210 MW)
12. Greece (72 MW)
13. Turkey (106 MW)
14. France (321 MW)
15. Belgium (7 MW)
16. Croatia (42 MW)
17.  Bosnia (51 MW)
18.  Australia (1379 MW)
19.  Indonesia (80 MW)
20.  Philippines (162 MW)
21.  Vietnam (85 MW)
22.  India (16 MW)
23.  Japan (42 MW)

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