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Our LCL sailing schedule makes planning easy

One of the most important factors in transport and logistics is detailed planning. With easy online access to our always updated sailing schedule, planning of sea freight becomes a lot easier.


In our system, you can see when the vessels are scheduled to arrive at your destination. You can save your selected schedules and have them sent to you via e-mail. This enables you to plan your transport in the best way possible to ensure that your cargo arrives in time for the next step in your transport flow.

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Helpful planning tools

Container specifications

See exact measurements for the most common container sizes. We can provide just the right container for exactly your type of cargo.

Currency abbreviations

Find a list of the world’s most used currencies in international trade. A potential, very important tool when planning your transports.

Country codes

Find ISO codes as well as telephone country codes for all countries in the world. Easy access to people and companies all over the world.

Conversion factors

Get an overview of the most important conversion factors allowing you to swiftly convert weight and measures in the metric system.

Traffic information

Surcharges and Fees

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