Global Aerospace Logistics

We provide 24/7/365 transport and logistics solutions specially designed to meet the requirements of the Aerospace Industry

AOG Helpdesk - reliable and swift 24-hour service

We operate 24/7/365 in order to support the global aerospace industry with an in-depth knowledge of export and import, customs clearance and by utilising our AOG Desk, we deliver tailor-made aerospace logistics solutions around the clock.

We act swiftly and deliver services to airlines, aircraft and engine manufacturers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and companies specialised in, repair works, MRO (overhaul), maintenance, in-flight services and ground handling.

We can ensure prompt delivery of routine, critical and AOG parts through many years of experience executing time-critical shipments for clients within the global aerospace industry.

We don’t just provide service, we bring you out-of-the-box aerospace logistics solutions to optimise your supply chain.

We know "time is critical and time is money".

AOG services

Blue Water operates 24/7/365 in order to support the global aerospace industry. With an in-depth knowledge of export and import customs clearance and by utilising our always open AOG service, we deliver the right aerospace solutions around the clock.

On board courier

On board couriers (OBC) are part of our service when high urgency is a top priority for AOGs. Our team has the experience and knowledge when an OBC is required for keeping the aircraft off ground.

Air chartering

Through decades, we have built a strong relationship with all players in the air charter industry – airlines, airports, handling agents, control authorities and other related agencies. Our strong network enables us to charter aircrafts for any of your requirements – also within the Aviation & Aerospace business.

Services to the industry


We support MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) operators with transport of serviceable and unserviceable parts during all sorts of air craft checks and general components maintenance.


We focus on creating value based on a close dialogue with all airline personnel such as technicians, purchasers, logistics and supply chain managers and even the pilots. This is the key to tailor-made aerospace logistics.


We provide routine, critical and AOG solutions for our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) clients. Our PO Management system provides our clients with full overview of the supply chain from door to final delivery and installation on board the aircraft.


We provide service to the entire aerospace industry with airside logistics and solutions in the airports together with trusted partners and agents. Our solutions cover all types of ground handling equipment used in the airports, from de-icing machines and tractors to lavatories.

Helicopter operators & manufacturers

We transport full helicopters, engines and rotor blades safely. With decades of experience within the Oil & Gas Industry and by handling thousands of out-of-gauge shipments for complex projects, we have the necessary experience and know-how.

Aircraft manufacturers

We work according to our special Standard Operating Procedures for Aircraft Engine Transports. We have developed these standards together with aircraft & engine manufacturers to ensure that everything we do matches the demands of the industry.

We provide solutions for

Engine transports

We ensure that your high-value and vulnerable aircraft engines and inlet cowls for aircraft engines are being safely moved from pick-up point to the final destination. Our compliance and standard operating processes are unique for an industry, where failure is not an option.

Helicopter transports

We provide the full scope of helicopter movements from disassembly, technical survey, transportation, customs clearance to the final re-assembly. Our dedicated Helicopter program ensures smooth handling and safe cargo transportation through our standard operating procedures.

Supply chain management

Our tailored Supply Chain Management system ensures a complete view of the complex supply chain with full track and trace for certifications, unserviceable parts, serviceable repairs, exchanges as well as interior and technical parts. This adds value when airlines and MROs are running checks (c-checks).

Aerospace courier

With our Aviation Courier solution, we collect and deliver your routine cargo from door to door. We take care of documentation and labelling and we follow up on all your consignments via track and trace. By using our IT web booking platform, fast and efficient communication is among your benefits.

Global Control Tower Solution

There are many ways to arrange a aerospace logistic setup, and at Blue Water we aim to be the best at everything we do. With a Control Tower Solution, we ensure that communication and information flows are kept simple and direct with a global Key Account team supported by regional and local teams at relevant locations.

Blue Water's clients appreciate our one-stop-shop services. Our ambition is to reduce complexity within procedures and offer transparency and visibility throughout the supply chain. The Control Tower Solutions enables a local dedicated focus with a global view on the supply chain.

Dangerous and sensitive cargo

At Blue Water, we offer transport of dangerous goods, as well as secure storage and document handling.

Dangerous goods legislation can be complex for many, so reach out to your nearest Blue Water contact or get in touch with us for further information.

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Service and Expertise


Customs formalities including customs clearance of goods


Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality requirements

Mining Logistics

We provide mining logistics covering capital projects and mine supply globally

North Atlantic

Transport solutions to the North Atlantic region by sea, road and air


Keeping perishables fresh during transport, cold storage and warehousing

Port Agency

Port-related services to vessels in connection with port calls


Loading/discharging of vessels including cargo planning and securing


Storage of any kind of commodities, storage hotel and bonded warehouse