Air charters for all purposes

If you are looking for a customised cargo or passenger flight, Blue Water’s expert team can deliver a turnkey solution matching your requirements

Charter service airport-to-airport

The Air Charter specialists at Blue Water are experts in handling all sorts of charter flights. We handle cargo and passenger full charter operations worldwide, both commercial and private flights.

We are part of a global network, and we always deliver the best service at all times. With our trustworthy partners around the globe, we offer our customers high-quality solutions.

A long-time experience in the air charter industry is your guarantee of a flawless execution of all steps from planning to safe arrival of the chartered aircraft.

Our core competence is executing challenging and out-of-the-box jobs for our clients always focusing on time and reliability. In short, Blue Water secure end-to-end aircharter logistics, and you are in safe hands with our team.

Air Charters of both passengers and cargo

Cargo charters

We have the expertise to offer transport with air charter from urgent spare parts to full production lines consisting of heavy machinery. We charter all sizes of aircraft, from a small single engine aircraft to the largest full freighter carrying up to 150 tonnes in a single uplift.

If you require same day delivery for urgent cargo or have a tight deadline for transport, Blue Water’s Air Charter team will ensure a smooth and safe charter flight to fulfil our client’s needs.

We guide you through every step. From planning stage and contract negotiation, to pick-up and delivery of the cargo at its final destination. We offer to arrange customs documentation and make sure all permits are in place before flight.

Passenger charters

No matter the number of passengers or specific needs, Blue Water will find a matching aircraft making your planned travel to a private, safe and secure solution.

Incentive groups, business meetings or private travel, we fly you where you want and when you want. Discretion has top priority, benefit from avoiding crowded main terminals using VIP terminals. From a 4-seater VIP business jet to the largest airliners, Blue Water provides a professional charter flight and bring you and your team directly to the nearest airport at your final destination.

Dedicated check-in counters, catering of your choice, company logo on headrest covers etc. are only examples of how we can arrange your private charter flight.

Air charter is our specialty

To charter an aircraft for cargo or passengers is one of our core competences. We have the expertise and network to customise the right solutions and accommodate our solutions whatever the need is – also in time-critical situations.

We can assist with handling, packing, customs, consolidation services and door-to-door deliveries – in fact, everything you need in air freight is within reach.

Blue Water acts as a broker. We source aircraft capacity via our airline partners and network. We are not bound to use a specific carrier, we always choose the best aircraft at the right location for the job. This ensures that our clients get a competitive solution.

Customised Air Chartering

If you book a private jet or VIP flight with us, you can choose what time you want to travel and whereto. Any changes to the schedule will be your decision.

You can fly from a small private terminal to avoid the hassle, and there will be next to no other people compared to regular airports or main terminals. You can be picked up directly at the VIP terminal and some airports even allow you to be picked up at the aircraft.

Imagine how much time you can save when traveling this way. Air charter solutions are the right way to save time and by saving time, you save money. You can also work, have meetings, sleep or just relax onboard, and no other passengers will be listening or watching.

If you travel as a family, you have the comfort and the option to do whatever you like, just as if you are at home.

Personalised catering on every air charter

The catering is personalised to you. We will send you a menu to pick from, or you can request anything you like. Whether it is lobster, beluga caviar and champagne, any special meal - or sometimes just a McDonald's meal, we will make it happen. If you request a particular brand of chocolates, nuts or a certain bouquet of flowers, we will make sure to order it.

If you have a long flight and wish to sleep, most VIP aircraft can be converted to double or/and single beds. The flight attendant will be available on-demand and will be discreet and 'invisible' when required.

We treat the flight with confidentiality and do not disclose anything regarding the passengers. It is between you and us.

Certified IATA agents

Since 1978, we have been registered IATA agents. This is your guarantee that our staff are examined and trained according to the IATA standards. Our air freight forwarders have built special expertise in handling all types of cargo through years of solving challenging air transport projects for clients worldwide. This expertise also includes courier service, in case you need a swift solution.

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