Transport and cargo insurance

Protect yourself financially with a cargo insurance in case of loss of or damage to your goods when transporting with Blue Water

Insurance for all transport modes

You can benefit from cargo insurance through a premium insurance company when you transport with Blue Water. This will provide you with coverage for the full invoice value in case of loss or damage.

Every mode of transport has a national and international set of laws and regulations. The CMR Convention governs international road transports, and the Maritime Law applies to transport by sea while the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions govern air transport.

Our responsibility as freight forwarding agent is regulated by various country specific laws and rules. Liability concerning all contracts made in Scandinavia is described in NSAB2015 (the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders).

We only offer insurances when the transport is booked with Blue Water. 

Extended coverage and conditions

The benefits of Blue Water's insurance are plenty. We have extended the benefits further than standard to provide you with the best coverage at the same price. When you are transporting with us, our insurance includes 

  • damage manifestation up to 90 days after delivery
  • up to 30 days’ storage of consolidation cargo
  • compensation for loss of cargo upon arrival of FCL-cargo with intact container seal.

This is normally NOT included in a cargo insurance. However, we know how important a cargo insurance is. That is why we have made the conditions even better for our clients.

Advice about insurance liability and coverage

Cargo in carriers' custody

There are circumstances where the carrier is exempted from liability. Knowing in which situations these rules apply, puts you in a better position.

Covering loss in full

According to international laws and regulations, calculation of the compensation is based on quantity or weight. Therefore, you may risk that your loss will not be fully covered.

Automatic insurance

We provide Cargo Insurance according to written agreement with you. You can take out a single insurance or make a permanent arrangement for all your transports.


Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are composed by the International Chamber of Commerce on the interpretation of trade terms.

The rules apply internationally as well as in domestic trade and explain the distribution of risk and costs between the seller and the buyer for the sale of goods.

Incoterms are standardised conditions of sale and apply exclusively to the relationship between buyer and seller. The agreement between the freight forwarder and the client is regulated by the transport contract.

Cargo insurance services

Competitive premiums

Our premiums are competitive and you will benefit from better coverage compared to the market in general.

General average

All risk insurance covers general average and salvage charges. This also includes average guarantee.

Claims handling

We cooperate with an acknowledged insurance company which can provide professional claims handling.

All risk insurance

The insurance provided by us in general, covers all risks of loss of or damage to the cargo during transport.

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