Courier shipments

When you are sending with courier service, speed is what you get.
Please be aware of standard procedures concerning your shipment to avoid any delays.

What should you be aware of when sending courier shipments?

Blue Water's courier service is known to be efficient and flexible. We always do our best to help our customers along with the best solution possible. If you need an extra hand to get the shipment in the bag, you can here find some useful guidelines.

Packing instructions

If you pack your shipment thoroughly, you avoid extra handling charges. When your parcel or pallet has been packed correctly, you avoid paying additional fees for manual handling. 

Download Packing instructions

Label instructions

All shipments must be attached a label to be handled efficiently and safely. Follow our guide to label the shipment correctly and avoid the shipment being delayed due to missing or damaged label.

Download Label instructions

Invoice instructions 

Upon receipt of your invoice we wish to do our best to handle your shipment as fast as possible. When your invoice contains information and details that we would need for executing your courier shipment, we can manage your shipment speedy.

Download Invoice instructions

Guide to MyBWS

Every Blue Water customer can access MyBWS easily through our website, and the system delivers real-time information on goods and shipments 24/7 all year round. MyBWS can be adapted to any industry, type of cargo and market.

Download MyBWS guide