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January 2021

Ban against transport of semi-trailers loaded on “pocket wagons” throughout Denmark

Blue Water calls attention to a decision made by the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Authority. A national ban of semi-trailers loaded on “pocket wagons” became effective from 23 January 8AM.

This will unfortunately have consequences on parts of our traffics to and from Italy.

We are looking into alternative options such as train solutions between Italy and Northern Germany as well as road transport. Unfortunately, this is quite a challenge, and we are not able to guarantee date of departure, transit time or price, as the rail network is the major artery of traffics between Denmark and Italy.

The ban is introduced for the sake of railway security after an incident 13 January, where a tipping trailer passing the Great Belt Bridge was observed. The Accident Investigation Board Denmark has followingly ran tests and observed that by a few tests the lock effect is malfunctioning when pulled vertically even though the lock is well functioning and in correct locking position. This calls for further testing and examination after which the necessary precautions are expected.

Blue Water follows the situation closely and will continually inform you, but for the time being we cannot state anything about the length of the shutdown.

If you have any questions regarding your transport, please reach out to your regular contact at Blue Water.