We support the Original Equipment Manufacturers to accelerate the development of wind farms with fully integrated wind turbine deployment service. Turnkey services covering full scope of logistics, assembly, disassembly and installation of wind turbines.

With long-term logistics and cargo handling expertise in conjunction with highly skilled manpower in the Wind industry, we create an integrated service and offering coverage of all aspects of wind turbine deployment.

We hold comprehensive experience and expertise in providing our services with strong and flexible solutions meeting increasing demands of the industry.

Our dedicated service covers the entire renewables project:

  • Tools & Equipment

  • Manpower & Construction
  • Transport & Logistics

Certified tools & equipment

We offer expert advice thanks to our team’s firsthand turbine knowledge, many years of experience and specialist know-how. Needless to say, we guarantee express delivery of the exact tools you need whenever you need them.

Tool container

A Tool container is part of the success on bigger projects

Regardless of project size, Blue Water is able to customise a tool container to match your needs and ensure the right tools are available for the task at hand.

With equipment, tools and support offered by Blue Water, it is possible to minimise the risk of damaging components during the installation, potentially improving the project’s economy and/or timeline.

Hydraulic tools

A main supplier of specialised Hydraulic tools to the wind industry

Hydraulic bolting and tension are some of the essential tasks when a wind turbine needs to be repaired or serviced.

We can supply certified hydraulic tools for every task that our customers want to perform.

  • Hydraulic torque tools

  • Hydraulic tension tools
  • Hydraulic lifting tools

Specialised manpower

We focus customer needs to deliver complete solutions starting from pre-assembly, through site management, supervisors and required technical expertise.
Expert knowledge and well-balanced teams ensure timely completion and top quality of the installation work.



+5 days

technicians leadtime


equipped service vans

Onshore Installation

We provide installation service for onshore projects. We focus on the timeline and customer needs to deliver complete solutions starting from pre-assembly, through site management, supervisors and required technical expertise.

We offer:

  • Installation Onshore

  • Pre-assembly Onshore
  • Pre-assembly of towers
  • Pre-assembly & loading at harbor Onshore
  • Decommissioning
  • Crane & Transport Coordination
  • O&M Site Management & Performance

O&M Service & repair

Competent and qualified staff handles various and important tasks within the areas of maintenance, service, repair and upgrades play an important part in the execution. If you have a need to hire qualified staff, Blue Water can provide you with the manpower needed at your site.

  • Scheduled & unscheduled maintenance
  • Main components exchange
  • Commissioning
  • Special cases
  • Oil exchange
  • Grinding & painting
  • Bolting & Torque
  • Troubleshooting

Personnel & training

Qualified personnel

Qualified personnel is a part of our core business, and Blue Water takes great pride in providing our customers with personnel who have expert knowledge from multi-brand O&M training allowing them to operate in a safe manner.

Our experts include:

  • Mechanical Technicians

  • Electrical Technicians
  • High Voltage Technicians
  • HSE Quality Inspectors
  • Site managers
  • Supervisors
  • Lead supervisors
Mandatory training

All our technicians have the mandatory training required when working inside a wind turbine. They also hold a full GWO and are fully trained in safety standards.

Our training include:

  • Working at heights

  • First aid
  • Fire awareness
  • L-Aus
  • Manual handling
  • O&M training

Transport & Logistics experts

Global knowledge and a track record of success make us the first choice for original equipment manufacturers when it comes to transport and logistics of wind components. With decades of dedicated of expertise, Blue Water offers customised solutions and a unique, high quality service.

With out-of-gauge cargo, bigger and bigger wind components and challenging Ro/Ro shipments, we constantly develop our methods so that we can always guarantee that cargo will be handled in the best possible way.

Port Service

Port Service is a core business of Blue Water. Local knowledge and a worldwide network of specialised offices and agents ensure global understanding and unique solutions.

As a top player in Wind Logistics, we act as port agents and stevedores in connection with wind projects including port setup, handling and transport of wind components. Decommissioning of wind turbines can be a challenging job. But with decades of experience, this is also part of the daily work for our experienced teams.

Our aim is to ensure that the cargo is lifted, lashed, welded and secured properly and that everyone on site is safe before, during and after an operation. We have the most modern processing equipment available to ensure precise, efficient and smooth cargo handling.

We never compromise on safety and quality - your cargo will always be in safe hands with us.

Project Management

Blue Water is among the top players in Wind Logistics providing 24/7 one-stop-shop solutions. Our mission is to make logistics simple and efficient for our clients. We cover all steps of the logistics chain with in-house expertise – from the production facilities to delivery on site.

Our services comprise specialised short and deep-sea solutions including haulage from factory to site. In the project start-up phase, our experts make pre-planning and pre-surveys of ports, roads and sites to ensure that the cargo will reach its destination safely and in good condition.

We offer complete project logistics management. Knowledge, skills, experience and a close cooperation with the client are critical elements in fulfilling the unique demands of each project.

Our dedicated and experienced Project Management teams consistently perform to the highest of industry standard.


All employees/hired technicians work in accordance with our health and safety procedures and policies. It is our core value that all jobs are performed in a safe and compliant manner in accordance with HSSEQ regulations, in turn it promotes a healthy and safe working environment preventing injuries and work-related illnesses.

We demonstrate Safety First by considering health and safety in every part of a project. Our HSSEQ department has the proper and complete knowledge and experience to follow our customers’ requirements and guidelines when scheduling or carrying out a project.

Code of Conduct and ethics

Since issuing our first Code of Conduct, we have been implementing new standards into our ethical guidelines, and we are continuously adjusting our code of conduct in order to follow global patterns of responsible behaviour.

We care for reliable and devoted suppliers believing that the industry has a joint obligation.

Below, you can download our Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our Policies

Being a trustworthy supplier of transport and logistics takes more than providing deliveries on time. It also means taking an attitude towards some of the challenges we may face in our global society. At Blue Water we have a set of policies which we live by.


A healthy workforce is vital for our success, and we encourage our employees to be active, have fun, create social relations internally and strengthen our teamwork and culture through sports activities.


We are committed to a safe workplace with a minimum of risks and to keep working for improvements, provide training and education for all employees. We encourage a ‘zero incident' workplace with ongoing training.


Our initiatives include securing of data servers and computers, making sure contingency plans are ready if needed, and that we can account for our employees at all times during traveling.


Reducing environmental impact is vital to us. We engage our employees to meet and exceed environmental standards. Also, we motivate clients and suppliers to give priority to greener transport and logistics solutions.


Quality is an important aspect in our daily efforts to create the best solutions. We adhere to processes, specifications and procedures as set by OEMs with proactive quality assurance and fact-based continuous improvements.

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