High standards and improvements

It is an important part of our daily efforts that we continually improve on protecting our employees, setting the highest standard for quality and reducing our environmental impact

Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality

Commitment, training and a constant pursuit of better performance is the foundation of our HSSEQ initiatives.

One of our tools to achieve excellence within all areas of HSSEQ is our Management System ensuring continual improvements in all parameters.

All employees worldwide can access the system which describes best practice throughout the organisation based on our past experiences.

Great achievements require teamwork, and all Blue Water employees shall comply with existing laws and regulations, encourage a safe workplace and make an effort to protect our colleagues. This reflects our spirit, values and culture. Measuring our performance is part of ensuring our progress.

We are committed to set the highest standards within HSSEQ to protect the environment, our company and our most important asset – our employees.

Global Health Policy

A healthy workforce is vital for our success, and we encourage our employees to be active, have fun, create social relations internally and strengthen our teamwork and culture through sports activities.

Global Safety Policy

Every Blue Water employee has the right to a safe workplace with a minimum of risks. We are committed to keep working for improvements, provide training and education for all employees, and we encourage a ‘zero incident' workplace.

Our standards for safety are accessible for all offices and employees at all times through our Global Management System.

Global Environmental Policy

Blue Water is focused on continuously reducing environmental impact based on defined improvement targets.

Our initiatives include a proactive effort to reduce waste, consumption of energy, usage of fuel and prevent spills. Also, we motivate clients and suppliers to give priority to environmentally friendly transport solutions.

Global Quality Policy

Quality is an important aspect in Blue Water’s daily efforts to create the best solutions for all clients.

We have defined quality objectives and planned activities applying for all Blue Water offices in the world. To achieve the standards we aim for, we have a Global Quality Policy stating our aim and means to achieve and fulfil our quality objectives.


Blue Water's HQ in Esbjerg, Denmark is certified according to ISO 45001 (Health & Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment). We strive to give our business the best support when it comes to tools and standards, and we have a corporate process in place to assist during a certification project of 8-12 months.

We are business-driven, and the business chooses whether a certification process should be initiated. Several of our strategic locations are certified, and we expect more locations to follow in the future.

Code of Conduct and ethics

Since issuing our first Code of Conduct, we have been implementing new standards into our ethical guidelines, and we are continuously adjusting our code of conduct in order to follow global patterns of responsible behaviour.

We care for reliable and devoted suppliers believing that the industry has a joint obligation.

Below, you can download our Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Handling of dangerous and sensitive goods

Handling dangerous goods requires precision, expertise and strict compliance with international safety standards. At Blue Water, we make sure your dangerous goods are transported safely and efficiently. We offer dangerous goods transport, as well as secure storage and document handling.

Our experienced team specialises in handling everything from chemicals and fuels to explosive materials, and we ensure compliance with all legal requirements and regulations. With extensive training and advanced technologies, we offer tailored solutions that minimise risk and maximise safety. With Blue Water, you can trust that your dangerous goods are handled with the highest level of professionalism and care.

Reach out to your nearest Blue Water contact or write to us for further dialogue. 

Blue Water Ethics Line

Blue Water commits to an open and honest communication as the expectation - not the exception.

Reporting to the Ethics Line means that any employee, customer or business partner has the right to report directly to the Ethics Line without fear of retaliation or similar. This may be if someone knows about or has been involved in any unacceptable conditions or direct illegality, who they for ethical reasons decide to uncover or inform about.

Please note that Blue Water respects the right to privacy. We only process personal data about employees, customers and business partners for relevant business purposes. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can always find more information in the Privacy Policy or by contacting Corporate Compliance at: privacy@bws.net.

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Customs formalities including customs clearance of goods


Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality requirements

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