Greener transport & logistics

Blue Water can act as your partner towards greener transport and logistics solutions. We offer different methods to reduce or compensate emissions from your supply chain contributing to a greener future.

Together we can make your supply flow greener

CO2 calculator

  • Analysis of carbon footprint with EcoTransIT
  • For all global transport and logistics 
  • Air pollutants CO2, SOx, NOx, NMHC and PM10
  • GLEC accredited & European Standard EN 1625

Supply chain optimisation

  • Analysis and calculation
  • Challenging existing solution
  • Modelling and motivating towards a greener model
  • Alternatives to costs, speed and emissions

Load optimisation

  • Utilisation of load compartment
  • Double-stacking of pallets
  • SpaceInvader setup
  • Fleet management

Alternative fuels / Insetting

  • Partnership with GoodShipping
  • Alternatives existing for all modes of transport
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Replacing fossil fuels
  1. We calculate CO2 emissions from your freight route with us
  2. You receive a price per tonne of CO2 reduced through fuel switch
  3. We confirm the order with you
  4. We place the order with GoodShipping
  5. We confirm the order and invoice you
  6. You receive a CO2 reduction certificate from GoodShipping

CO2 Compensation / Offsetting

  • Partnership with Gold Standard
  • Purchasing emission reductions
  • Supporting sustainability projects
  • Certified compensation
  1. We calculate CO2 emissions from your freight route with us
  2. You receive a price per tonne of CO2 reduced through offsetting
  3. You confirm the order with us
  4. We place the order with Gold Standard
  5. We confirm the order and invoice you
  6. You receive a carbon offsetting certificate from Gold Standard

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How Blue Water can help reduce customers’ carbon footprint


At Blue Water, we focus on creating customer solutions that enable minimisation of carbon footprint from transport and logistics provided by us.

“We aim to be our customers’ supplier and partner of choice. This includes offering and advising on solutions improving the sustainability and efficiency of the supply chain,” says Per Jakobsen, Business Development Manager, Sustainable Solutions.

Climate partnership reduces CO2 emissions by 50% per trip


“Each cubic and load metre counts in the climate score and on the bottom line. The more we know about the cargo and its movements in the logistics flow, the better we get at utilising the capacity on each trip and thereby improving the sustainability of the transport”, says Steen Frederiksen, Managing Director of SpaceInvader.

With SpaceInvader’s pallet racks we can load the trucks optimally, reduce the number of trips and save both CO2 and costs.

Kiilto optimises sustainability with Blue Water


Kiilto, one of The Nordic countries’ leading manufacturer of hygiene and cleaning products, pays great attention to limiting CO2 emissions in own production and from transports. With weekly transports from the factory in Assens, Denmark to the warehouse in Oslo, Norway, their solution called for optimisation of truck loads.

“Using SpaceInvader racks makes it possible to load the pallets - which are usually not possible to double stack - on top of each other and thereby utilise the entire cubic capacity. In this way, the need of space is reduced by 50%, cutting down the number of transports”, says Per Jakobsen, Business Development Manager – Sustainable Solutions at Blue Water.