Every day, we focus on reducing our negative impact on the environments and societies we are a part of. We work with a series of strategic initiatives that help us contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are committed to taking care of people and planet

Responsibility is deeply rooted in our core values. We focus on being a constructive and trusted partner and co-player in an ever-changing and challenging global market, where responsibility is vital to succeed. Responsibility for people and planet as well as strong commitment to making positive changes and improvements.

We represent an industry that accounts for a large share of carbon emissions globally. And we play a crucial role in solving the emissions reductions challenge on global scale. Both in our own operations as well as by offering greener logistics solutions with effect in our customers’ supply chains.

However, responsibility is more than reducing carbon footprint. We also have an impact on society’s social challenges as well as opportunities for positive development through the jobs we create as global company.

For this reason, we work strategically and measurably with Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and opportunities. We have implemented a series of initiatives to lead the way for our employees, customers and partners. And since working with ESG and sustainability is a journey of transition and transformation, we are constantly in a process of development.

Fortunately, we have more opportunities than ever to work with employees, customers, governments, experts and NGOs – locally and globally - to drive real and needed change and proactively build a more sustainable future.

Now is the time to act - let's go greener together.

Our responsibility

Being a credible transport and logistics supplier requires more than being able to deliver on time. It also requires that we have an attitude to the challenges that we face in our global community. We protect our values, our integrity, the world of which we are a part, and we run a business with respect for the surrounding environment and our staff. As a global player and contributor to society, we focus on enhancing our positive impact, and we work with reliable and dedicated suppliers, as we believe that the transportation and logistics industry has a common commitment.

Our mission

‘Together we create solutions’ is what our purpose is about, and our mission is being ‘Best in Town’. Through close and long-term relationships with our clients, we add value and strive to be the preferred choice because we act with credibility and deliver unique services and tailored solutions. Further, we strive to be an attractive and inclusive workplace with a thriving culture, where every employee is encouraged to develop and fulfil their potential in a strong team based on our unique Blue Water team spirit and core values.

Our values

  • We play as a team – and we play to win
  • The colour of service is Blue – we work with passion to serve customers better - every day, everywhere
  • We keep our promises – because our business is built on trust
  • We believe in strong and long-lasting relations – enabling everyone to run a good business
  • Our responsibility reaches beyond our business – we take care of each other, our partners and society
  • We constantly question status quo – dedicated to improving our efficiency