Logistics for the mining industry

We provide logistics for the mining sector covering capital projects and mine supply globally

Reliable and comprehensive services

Blue Water offers comprehensive services to the mining sector. Our team is specialised in turnkey, high-value projects. We take advantage of our expertise and mining specialists to optimise supply chain operations and capital projects.  

We offer a full range of logistics services for capital projects. At Blue Water, we utilise supply chain mining hubs within the Americas, Middle East, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

Our global network can support your project every step of the way, from feasibility and planning to execution. We cater supply chain solutions for the operating process in mining and ensuring that critical cargo arrives when needed and in good condition.

We understand the importance of a reliable supply chain, safety stock and timely delivery. Our team works with partners worldwide to ensure that our customers get their cargo on time, every time.

Services to the industry

Scope study

We evaluate route surveys from port to site and select the right transportation of heavy lift cargo and equipment. We also assess local infrastructure and duty and tax mitigation.


We consider various logistics solutions and studies on supply chain, infrastructure limitations and environment impact. We also consult advice from experts on local subject matters.

Design and construction

We offer turn-key project capability and logistic services. We take care of on-site supervision to maintain the highest level of quality, environment, health and safety standards.

Operation phase

We offer various supply chain services in the operation phase. We provide warehousing facilities and mechanical preservation for the mining operations all over the globe.

Major project clients

Greener logistics

We offer different methods to reduce or compensate carbon emissions from your supply chain contributing to a greener future.

Working strategically with ESG

We work proactively and strategically with risk management and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues by setting priorities to meet opportunities and mitigate risks as well as reallocating resources accordingly and most efficiently. At Blue Water, we work with our customers to achieve their ESG goals.

Carbon reduction

We want to help our customers with their carbon reduction goals. A promise than can be relied on. For all our transport and logistics projects, we offer an analysis of carbon footprint with our CO2 calculator and other emission reduction initiatives. Alternatively, we can offer a verified CO2 compensation programme.

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Service and Expertise


Customs formalities including customs clearance of goods


Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality requirements

Mining Logistics

We provide mining logistics covering capital projects and mine supply globally

North Atlantic

Transport solutions to the North Atlantic region by sea, road and air


Keeping perishables fresh during transport, cold storage and warehousing

Port Agency

Port-related services to vessels in connection with port calls


Loading/discharging of vessels including cargo planning and securing


Storage of any kind of commodities, storage hotel and bonded warehouse