Solar Energy Logistics

We provide transport and logistics solutions specially designed to meet the requirements of the solar industry

Logistics solutions for the Solar industry

The transport of solar energy equipment requires expertise and extensive understanding of the solar energy industry. Blue Water is a world-leader and pioneer in the renewable energy industry.

With 30 years of dedication to renewable energy services out of our 50 years of global freight forwarding experience, we have the experience and solutions you need to transport your solar equipment, panels, and components from production through final-mile delivery safely and efficiently.

We provide full-service from pre-shipment inspections to assistance in export and import permissions, tax exemptions, cargo waivers, customs clearance and other critical processes.

We ensure safe loading and unloading, and we can supervise your cargo before, during and after the transport. Since the mid-nineties, Blue Water has been involved in renewable energy logistics all around the world and can display a long track record of world-class projects.

Beginning to End Transport Management

Project planning

Our work begins before we pick up your goods, with close dialogue as we plan the best logistics solution for your project. We anticipate the logistic forecast, planning, packing design and container optimisation.

Storage solutions

We offer various warehousing solutions, as well as inventory control – ranging from checking and verification of cargo and labeling line-item check. With our Warehouse Management System, you can control operations.

Tailor-made IT systems

Our IT various systems are customised to fit your needs. They serve as a tool for handling and monitoring every single step of the transport, ranging from Purchase Order Management to Local Custom and Project Cost Control.

Export packing

We offer complete export packing services for both sea and air freight. Our export packing is in compliance with international regulations and requirements and prepares your cargo for international transit.

Modes of Transport

Sea Freight

Our customers obtain access to both FCL and LCL solutions and our skilled teams will be able to offer specialist guidance to any destination. We also offer shipping of non-containerised cargo aboard break bulk vessels and roll-on/roll-off vessels.

Air Freight

Planning air transport requires special knowledge of the capacity of the different aircrafts and cargo. As a registered IATA agent, we work directly with approved airlines, ensuring our clients the requested capacity and service on commercial flights.

Road Transport

We offer various road logistics solutions. We take care of 1,300,000+ road shipments per year. Whether you need a domestic or international road transport for your full truck load, we can arrange and deliver your cargo when and where you wish.

Port Operations & Transloading

We handle more than freight forwarding. Whether your equipment is coming in containerised or on a break bulk vessel, we have the teams, processes and systems to receive and account for your solar equipment. 

With access to warehouses and the versatility of Blue Water’s Warehouse Management System and Compass tracking system, your equipment inventory is accurate and visible from initial receipt to final-mile deliver at the project site.

Integrated IT systems

Our IT systems are customised to fit specific markets and serve as a tool for handling and monitoring every single step of the transport. You can book your transports online and have a full overview of the cargo - we take care of the rest.

Our systems include:
  • Track & Trace
  • PO Management
  • Warehousing
  • Supply base
  • POB system

Together we can make your supply flow greener

CO2 calculator

  • Analysis of carbon footprint with EcoTransIT
  • For all global transport and logistics 
  • Air pollutants CO2, SOx, NOx, NMHC and PM10
  • GLEC accredited & European Standard EN 1625

Supply chain optimisation

  • Analysis and calculation
  • Challenging existing solution
  • Modelling and motivating towards a greener model
  • Alternatives to costs, speed and emissions

Load optimisation

  • Utilisation of load compartment
  • Double-stacking of pallets
  • SpaceInvader setup
  • Fleet management

Alternative fuels / Insetting

  • Partnership with GoodShipping
  • Alternatives existing for all modes of transport
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Replacing fossil fuels
  1. We calculate CO2 emissions from your freight route with us
  2. You receive a price per tonne of CO2 reduced through fuel switch
  3. We confirm the order with you
  4. We place the order with GoodShipping
  5. We confirm the order and invoice you
  6. You receive a CO2 reduction certificate from GoodShipping

CO2 Compensation / Offsetting

  • Partnership with Gold Standard
  • Purchasing emission reductions
  • Supporting sustainability projects
  • Certified compensation
  1. We calculate CO2 emissions from your freight route with us
  2. You receive a price per tonne of CO2 reduced through offsetting
  3. You confirm the order with us
  4. We place the order with Gold Standard
  5. We confirm the order and invoice you
  6. You receive a carbon offsetting certificate from Gold Standard

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