Sea Freight surcharges and fees

As a trustworthy partner, we give our clients transparency in the total costs of their shipments by explaining the structure of our surcharges

Surcharges and fees

If you need to know the charges for other countries, please contact your local Blue Water office.

Fuel Surcharges

As per 1 July 2024

Greenland: 10.00%
Container haulage in Denmark: 33.4 %

Please be aware that the diesel surcharge will be adjusted if Blue Water's expense and pricing structure changes.

German Road Tax (maut)

The German government has announced changes to the German toll legislation from December 1, 2023. This means that the following changes will apply:

From/to Denmark to/from Hamburg:
  • 20’ Equipment from DKK 244 to DKK 353
  • 40’ Equipment from DKK 353 to DKK 550
From/to Denmark to/from Bremerhaven:
  • All equipment from DKK 675 to DKK 996

EU ETS fee 

As from 1 March 2024, the maritime transportation industry will be included in the scope of EU ETS. The taxation is vital for the shipping industry to finance and proceed with a more sustainable business model.

Trade Lane LCL w/m TEU Validity
Europe to Asia EUR 1.0 EUR 19 July
Asia to Europe EUR 1.5 EUR 28 July
Mediterranean to Asia EUR 1.0 EUR 18 July
Asia to Mediterranean EUR 1.5 EUR 22 July
Europe to Oceania EUR 1.5 EUR 21 July
Oceania to Europe EUR 1.5 EUR 23 July
Europe to Mediterranean EUR 1.5 EUR 23 July
Mediterranean to Europe EUR 1.5 EUR 23 July
Europe to North America EUR 1.5 EUR 27 July
North America to Europe EUR 1.0 EUR 19 July
Europe to India/Red Sea/Middle East EUR 1.5 EUR 26 July
India/Red Sea/Middle East to Europe EUR 2.0 EUR 32 July
Europe to West Africa EUR 2.5 EUR 47 July
West Africa to Europe EUR 1.5 EUR 29 July
Europe to East Coast South America EUR 1.0 EUR 21 July
East Coast South America to Europe EUR 1.0 EUR 20 July
Europe to West Coast South America EUR 1.5 EUR 28 July
West Coast South America to Europe EUR 1.5 EUR 28 July

Shanghai Containerised Freight Index (SCFI)

SCFI is the most commonly used freight index for sea freight on a global scale. SCFI offers an overview of freight rates on containers from China on a weekly basis.

The name of the index originates from the world's largest container port located in Shanghai, China. SCFI has served as official price index on the global freight market since 2009.

The freight information is reported by major Sea Carriers, Freight Forwarders and Shippers and based on 20’ ft rates. SCFI is updated each Friday and valid for the next week (Monday to Sunday).

It covers 13 individual shipping routes and below you will find information of the China to Europe (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Felixstowe, Le Havre) route.