Refrigerated transport and cold storage

Blue Water’s specialist teams offer worldwide solutions by road, sea and air for chilled and frozen food products as well as for other products requiring temperature-controlled transport

Reefer experts at key locations

It takes the right team to ensure an unbroken cold chain for temperature-controlled products. Our experienced and professional teams provide the best customised solutions including cross trade, door-to-door delivery, combined transport, while maintaining a given temperature, as well as cold storage of the products.

With a large fleet of ultramodern reefer trucks on the roads and offices and/or partners on the major European food sourcing markets, we guarantee the highest quality standard and safety in delivery by either scheduled traffics or ad hoc solutions.
For reefer products by sea, we offer worldwide reefer container transport using A carriers and chartered vessels. Our services include a unique IT system for monitoring every step of the transport.

Blue Water is also a very strong provider of transport of fish and other chilled products to and from the North Atlantic region. The dedicated staff of our local offices in Greenland and Iceland provide the very best service.

Modern trailers controls the temperature

Our modern reefer trailers are equipped with GPRS monitoring and fleet management. With these technological tools, we can always keep our clients informed about the exact position and temperature of the cargo.


We know that the slightest deviation in temperature may end up being a costly affair. However, by controlling the temperature, we make sure that the cold chain remains unbroken and that your perishable, chilled and frozen cargo stays fresh from pick-up until delivery.

By Road, Sea and Air

Reefer transports by road

We transport chilled seafood products from the North Atlantic region and Norway to Europe. Our modern reefer trucks transport perishables from the North to the South of Europe via our cold store facility in Padborg, Denmark.

Reefer transports by sea

We ship an average of 60,000 teus each year and provide our clients with services including veterinary inspections, customs clearance and chartering of vessels for any kinds of chilled and frozen cargo.

Reefer transports by air

Our specialised perishables team provides reefer logistics solutions by air. When your seafood products arrive on time, correctly chilled, there is only one thing left to say – bon appétit.





Cold storage with new technology

In Padborg, near the Danish-German border, we operate a reefer terminal approved for storage of fresh, chilled and frozen products. By means of modern technology, we handle, sort and provide door-to-door deliveries of refrigerated products.


Our close cooperation with producers from the North Atlantic, Norway and the Baltic States ensures that fresh products are being delivered to consumers in Central and Southern Europe.

Refrigerated freight of

Reefer transports of pharmaceuticals

We ensure an unbroken cold chain for your pharmaceuticals from pick-up until delivery to make sure that the quality of your products remains of high standard.

Reefer transports of perishables

Keeping your fruits, vegetables and meat fresh during transport is one of our core competences, and through daily departures, we maintain our strong position in the market.

Reefer transports of seafood

From the North Atlantic to Europe and Asia, we offer consolidation and distribution of thousands of tons of fresh and frozen fish and fish products by road and air.

Cross Trade through global network

Through a comprehensive network of our own offices, combined with agents and partners in markets all over the world, you will benefit from our cross trade services. From anywhere to everywhere using our local contacts and their expert knowledge.


Whether you need to ship beef from South America to the Middle East, fish from the Far East to West Africa or poultry from USA to the Black Sea, we have the experience and the right connections to move your cargo in an efficient and competitive way.

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