Transport Conversion Factors

Apply the following factors when converting from and to the Metric System

Easy overview of the most important conversion factors

Here, you can swiftly convert weight and measures in the metric system.



Multiply by

Pounds Kilograms 0.4536
Kilograms Pounds 2.2046
Long Tons Metric Tons 1.016
Metric Tons Long Tons 0.984
Short Tons Metric Tons 0.9072
Metric Tons Short Tons 1.102
Centimetres Inches 0.3937
Inches Centimetres 2.54
Feet Metres 0.3048
Metres Feet 3.201
Inches Metres 0.0254
Metres Inches 39.37
Cubic feet Cubic metres 0.028317
Cubic metres Cubic feet 35.3145