Specialised Chemical Logistics

Tailored transportation and logistics services specifically crafted to accommodate the unique needs associated with shipping chemical products

Global partner for Chemical Logistics

Navigating the intricacies of chemical logistics requires an experienced partner. Since 1972, Blue Water has demonstrated a proven track record in providing transport solutions in a broad range of sectors.

We have facilitated various shipments, ranging from small courier shipments to complete project transports of oil rigs, from one continent to another. At Blue Water, we always provide the best service. We offer tailor-made solutions and understand the unique challenges of chemicals transportation.

We approach chemical logistics as a specialised field, employing a team of seasoned chemical professionals to deliver top-tier solutions and services to our customers.

As a specialist in Chemical & Dangerous Goods solutions and freight forwarder, we offer an array of services, including bespoke management, dedicated chemicals operations teams, Multimodal Procurement and Consultancy, all backed by our steadfast commitment to HSSEQ, Service and Sustainability.

Modes of Chemical Transportation


ISO Tanks

Bulk Tankers

Air Charter

Transactional Air

Truckload/Hot Shot

Integrated Solutions

Global Procurement

In the complex world of chemical logistics, global procurement is a key component. We deliver effective procurement strategies that align with your business needs, wherever in the world they might be. Our team of procurement specialists work closely with an extensive network of trusted suppliers and partners worldwide.

Global Freight Management

Chemical logistics require a dedicated team that understands the unique requirements of each shipment. Our Global Freight Management team is a group of industry veterans well-versed in the nuances of chemical logistics, offering comprehensive solutions for the transportation of both HaZ and non-HaZ chemicals.

Supply Chain Consultancy

As part of our comprehensive suite of services, we offer specialised supply chain consultancy services to help optimise your chemical logistics operations. Our experienced team understands the unique challenges of the chemical industry and provides tailored advice to enhance efficiency, compliance and safety.


We provide secure warehousing solutions designed specifically for the storage of chemical goods. We understand the unique requirements of storing both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, and our facilities are equipped to meet these needs.

Our warehousing solutions include:
  • Specialised Storage Facilities
  • Compliance and Safety
  • Flexible Storage Solutions

Trade compliance

We prioritise trade compliance to ensure that your shipments meet all regulatory requirements for both domestic and international transportation.

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the complex regulations governing the transportation of chemicals, ensuring that your shipments are always safe and compliant.

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Service and Expertise


Customs formalities including customs clearance of goods


Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality requirements

Mining Logistics

We provide mining logistics covering capital projects and mine supply globally

North Atlantic

Transport solutions to the North Atlantic region by sea, road and air


Keeping perishables fresh during transport, cold storage and warehousing

Port Agency

Port-related services to vessels in connection with port calls


Loading/discharging of vessels including cargo planning and securing


Storage of any kind of commodities, storage hotel and bonded warehouse