Cargo insurance and conditions

Here you will find Blue Water's General Conditions and a selection of laws applied in the transport and shipping industry

Cargo insurance during transport

A separate cargo insurance covers your transport in the best way possible in case of loss or damage.
Cargo Insurance
Liability Insurance

Every means of transport has its own national and international set of laws and regulations.

The CMR Convention governs international road transports.

The Maritime Law applies to transport by sea and the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions govern air transport.

Blue Water ensures that our subcontractors and partners have liability insurance which covers as per these laws and regulations. Additionally, we also have liability insurance to cover any mistakes and negligence, we may be responsible for.

Our responsibility as freight forwarding agent is covered by various, national rules and customs. Liability concerning all contracts made in Scandinavia is described in NSAB2015, General conditions of the Nordic association of Freight Forwarders.

Cargo Insurance

To ensure optimal cover in case of loss or damage, we recommend taking out separate cargo insurance.

We offer to take out insurance on behalf of our clients and provide cargo insurance through a reputable insurance company.

For further information, please contact your local Blue Water office or contact person.


Cargo Claims