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Air transport

International carriage of goods by air is governed by the Warsaw Convention of 1929. The Convention, which is adopted by 151 countries, has over the years been supplemented with the so-called Guadalajara Convention and some Montreal Protocols under the common name of the Warsaw System.

The Danish Air Navigation Act (applying to Denmark)

The Danish Air Navigation Act is drawn up on the basis of the Warsaw Convention of 12 October 1929 including subsequent protocols and the Montreal Convention of 1999. The wording of the Act is continuously updated, but the combinations of some countries' ratification and other countries' non-adoption result in several different consolidated acts.

We have decided to refer to Consolidated Act (LBK) no. 959 of 12.09.2011 regarding domestic aviation, aviation between the most important trading and transport countries (the Montreal Convention) as well as between Denmark and countries which have not acceded to the original Warsaw Convention. This set of rules covers the vast majority of cases and is displayed below as a link.

 Warsaw Convention