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Here you will find important traffic information on Road Transport in Denmark and Europe. You are, of course, always more than welcome to reach out to your local Blue Water contact for further information.

European Holidays 2018

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Departures Christmas & New Year 2018

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International trucking affected by EU-sentence

In December 2017, the European Court of Justice pronounced a sentence in a case instituted by a Belgian haulier. The sentence stated that truckdrivers will no longer be allowed to stay in the truck during their 45-hour resting period although this has been the procedure for decades. This new limitation will apply in all EU countries in the future.

This means that drivers must find alternative overnight accommodation, such as hotel or the like. The new condition will increase the costs for the industry which is already severely affected by the lack of capacity in Europe.

The ban and increased control will not make it easier to attract drivers. On the contrary, it will worsen the situation with a shortage of drivers in Europe.

We are following the development closely and will keep our clients updated.

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