Albatros Expeditions entrusts Blue Water with cruise agency


Blue Water is always quick to respond to our queries with advice, no matter the time of day

Steffan Danino, Product Manager at Albatros Expeditions

Left to right: Representatives from CMP, Rashida Lim - Albatros Expeditions, Morten Nygaard - CMP, Arsen Prostov - Captain of Ocean Albatros, Luis de Carvalho - CMP, Hans Braas - BWS, Pernille Marcussen - BWS, Malthe Mulvad, CMP. The picture is from when Ocean Albatros had just arrived in Copenhagen for the first time, the day before the naming ceremony. The captain received the book "'Blue Water in the Veins" about Kurt Skov as a gift to symbolise the connection between the two companies.

This year, prior to repositioning to Arctic waters, Albatros Expeditions planned several port calls in eight Northern European countries where they do not normally call. To ensure a smooth process, the expedition cruise operator appointed Blue Water as its regional hub agent to coordinate the port calls. 

“As Albatros Expeditions’ agents we appointed local agents and make sure all bookings and permissions were in place. When changes to the sailing schedule occurred, it was up to the team at Blue Water to make the puzzle come together by suggesting new destinations”, explains Pernille Marcussen, Operations Manager Port Agency & Cruise at Blue Water. Fortunately, the agency tasks were carried out well and to the great satisfaction of the client: 

"Blue Water is always quick to respond to our queries with advice, no matter the time of day. When it came to organising complex itineraries and handling last-minute changes, Blue Water was our first point of contact. They also helped us to arrange the Christening for our vessel which went off without a hitch. Additionally, as a Scandinavian company, we appreciate having a local partner with a global reach to assist us in our worldwide operations”, says Steffan Danino, Product Manager at Albatros Expeditions.

Christening of the expedition vessel “Ocean Albatros”

Blue Water had the great privilege of managing this ship’s inaugural call to Copenhagen, which involved the official naming and Christening of the state-of-the-art expedition vessel "Ocean Albatros" at Copenhagen Malmö Port in May. 

The day was filled with excitement as we welcomed and said goodbye to passengers, orchestrated celebrations and witnessed the naming of this remarkable vessel. Somewhat untraditionally, it was a block of ice, not a champagne bottle, that was smashed against the ship's bow to illustrate the cruise line's connection with the icy, Arctic waters. 

Over the last few years, Albatros Expeditions has increased focus on sustainability, investing in new cruise ships designed to cause the lowest possible carbon emissions per passenger and at the same time offering the ultimate expedition experience, with all the luxury comfort features of a modern cruise vessel. 

Expedition cruises are on the rise 

With the expanding fleet of expedition cruise ships, Blue Water is experiencing an increased number of calls in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region. 

“Previously, the expedition cruise lines have focused on the polar regions, but lately a lot of them are also looking into trying out new destinations in the shoulder seasons from mid-April to mid-May and again around October. These cruises can be sold at a lower price than when sailing in Svalbard, Greenland and Antarctica, for example, so they can help attract a new clientele”, explains Hans Chen Braas, Manager Cruise Agency at Blue Water.  

Blue Water has local cruise logistics expert teams in own offices on the quayside in major hubs such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Nantes, Singapore, Nuuk, Reykjavik, Lisbon and Dubai. In areas where Blue Water does not have its own offices, we have a strong global network of strategic partners, all selected for their capabilities and experience in cruise and marine logistics.

As port agents, we serve cruise lines through own offices in Denmark, Greenland and Iceland as well as offering regional hub-agency in the Baltic, Nordic, Northern Europe and North Atlantic regions. Besides port agency and logistics, Blue Water also offer air charter solutions with all types and sizes of aircrafts all over the world. 

About Albatros Expeditions

Albatros Expeditions is part of the family-owned Albatros Travel Group, established in 1986 by Søren Rasmussen, a biologist and expedition leader. Stemming from a passion for remote regions, the travel group now operates globally, covering destinations from Greenland to Africa and the polar regions.