300 full loads from Denmark to England

Great teamwork led to timely transport of equipment for the offshore wind industry

At Blue Water, we are always up for a challenge. Just before Christmas, we received an enquiry from a potential customer in England. They had bought a project from a supplier in Denmark, who also happens to be a good customer of Blue Water.

The project involved transporting around 300 loads from 10 different addresses in Denmark to a central delivery point in England within a relatively short period of time - starting at the end of February 2024 and finishing at the end of June 2024. In addition to regular curtain trailer loads, there were also 35 loads of oversized cargo.

“In true #TogetherWeCreateSolutions spirit, we quickly build a solution with help of our various departments around Denmark: the Niche/Key Account Management in Odense, Specials in Herning, the UK team in Taulov and last but certainly not least our experienced Blue Water colleagues in Manchester”, explains Søren Jessen Dahl, Manager Road UK, Ireland & Domestic at Blue Water.

Essential equipment for the renewables industry

The cargo consisted of around 6,000 pieces of equipment for a surface treatment facility to the renewables industry. The oversized loads that required special transport, such as chimneys and air handling unit blocks, measured between 14-22 metres.

Søren continues: “We put together a competitive setup that both the supplier in Denmark and the customer in the UK were very satisfied with, and the first load was transported at the end of February. In addition to the actual freight, the setup also included export documentation and cargo insurance”. 

Through continuous contact and follow-up throughout the process, Blue Water, together with the shipper in Denmark and our customer in the UK, has delivered on all parameters so far, and we are now (sadly) looking to the end of a very exciting project.