Blue Water’s CIO awarded as best of Denmark

CIO Susanne Schustin received the prestigious prize for her contribution to turning technology into business success

Photo: Mikael Rieck/Computerworld

Susanne Schustin has been awarded as Denmark's best Chief Information Officer (CIO)'23, a prestigious award, presented for the 18th time this year by Computerworld, Dansk IT and IDC. In the company of professionals from the Danish IT world, Schustin received the award with a big smile on her face. 

"I am extremely proud of the team achievement, because at the end of the day, we won this award together. It is the result of a supportive well-functioning team; together we have created remarkable changes to optimise our work in a sustainable manner fit for Blue Water's future", adds Schustin. 

The jury stated that Schustin’s vision, leadership and dedication to drive innovation have been truly inspiring. “Her contribution to turning technology into business success is remarkable and she fully deserves this award”, stated the jury report. 

Leadership and innovative thinking

“We are incredibly proud to get the remarkable recognition from frontrunners of the industry for Susanne Schustin’s hard work, expertise and dedication to our organisation. Her visionary leadership and innovative thinking have truly transformed the strategic approach to technology within our company and improved our operations”, says Flemming Busch, CFO Blue Water. 

Build a new IT system from scratch

Schustin joined Blue Water in 2020, just after the company was hit by a major cyber-attack. Her dedication and motivation led to the optimisation of IT infrastructures, IT processes, and the whole way the IT department had worked until then. 

"It's very rare to be allowed to build all IT from scratch in an established company. I was given a mandate to make a massive change in the Blue Water IT system, and the willingness to change that I've been met with is a great privilege", adds Schustin.