Falcon Logistics Inc. awarded large logistics contracts with ExxonMobil Guyana Limited

An affiliate of Blue Water Shipping has announced the signing of three 3-year contracts with ExxonMobil Guyana

New 10-acre warehouse facility in Georgetown, Guyana

The contracts cover vessel agency and wharfage operations, customs clearance, and inland transportation in Georgetown and Trinidad.

"We are honoured to win these contracts with ExxonMobil Guyana and eager to provide employment opportunities for local talent in the Guyanese and Trinidadian markets. Falcon Logistics Inc. is a 100% Local Content Certified Guyanese-owned company, and we are committed to working with the government of Guyana and our local partners. We will ensure the responsible execution of these contracts as they relate to the development of our country’s valuable resources," says Jennifer Falconer, co-owner, and Senior Vice President of Falcon Logistics Inc.

Supporting development of the Caribbean infrastructure

Falcon Logistics Inc. will leverage Blue Water’s extensive experience and expertise in handling Oil and Gas cargo and vessels and its strong network of company-owned offices globally to deliver shipments safely and efficiently. The contracts will generate significant cargo volumes and will further enhance its growth and expansion plans throughout the region.

Besides Georgetown Guyana, Blue Water already holds several offices in the Caribbean, including Suriname and Trinidad. It is rapidly growing in the Americas and the world, with more than 80 offices.

“This contract reflects our dedication to enhancing our capabilities and infrastructure in the region, which will create opportunities for local Guyanese, Trinidadians and Surinamese and enable us to deliver solutions with environmental, social and governance responsibility in mind. We are proud of Falcon Logistics Inc. being awarded this contract. It marks an important step forward in our growth strategy in the global energy sector. In the last few years, we have expanded our presence and activities worldwide – based on our dedicated focus on tailored and efficient logistics services. And the ambition is further growth”, says Brent Patterson, Global Director, Energy, Ports and Projects at Blue Water.

Blue Water’s acquisition of Falcon Logistics Inc.

Blue Water acquired part-ownership of Falcon Logistics Inc. in 2022. The acquisition is part of Blue Water’s expansion plan in the Caribbean region and is a result of the shared values and vision of both companies. Falcon Logistics Inc. is currently undergoing a name change to Blue Water Shipping.