From market entry to milestones in Gdansk

The office has secured a solid market position on the Polish reefer market after opening 

About eighteen months ago, Blue Water opened a new office in Gdansk, Poland, driven by the country’s increasing frozen food production and export. Today, the new office has successfully achieved its export targets and secured a solid market position. 

The focus during the opening months was on introducing the Blue Water brand to the Polish market and building relationship with possible clients on various international trade fairs. The team set their target on exporting a hundred containers a month in 2023, which was successfully accomplished already in September. “That the target was reached even before the year ended was a big milestone for us - and our exports have been increasing since,” says Wojciech Hawrys, Business Development Manager. 

The team’s success is driven according to the manager by their customer-oriented way of working and partnership with clients. “We maintain close relationships with our clients, understand their needs and provide tailored solutions, which has been well-received and valued by clients,” says Hawrys. 

Cross-trade solutions 

The Gdansk office specialises in handling various commodities, including frozen meat to West-Africa, salmon to Australia and Poland’s primary export product – fresh apples. As the apple season is in full spring, the team arranges transport of apples to various regions and destinations, such as India, the Middle East and Latin America. 

“When arranging these worldwide transports, we closely collaborate with our offices around the world, such as Hamburg in Germany and Brest in France. This synergy and exchange of knowledge between our global offices makes we can deliver the best cross-trade solutions to our clients,” adds Hawrys.  

Looking ahead in 2024, the Gdansk office has ambitious plans to surpass current export figures and diversify into new commodities, such as dairy products. “We want to strengthen our position further and expand our presence towards new suppliers and customers – as well as to accommodate existing customers’ needs.”