Long-term Port Agency collaboration wrapped up

Blue Water carries out Port Agency for vessel in great wind farm cable project

Throughout 2023, Blue Water’s Port Agency team has had the pleasure of supporting the client Αsso.subsea Group and the vessel and crew performing the cable project related to the great offshore wind farm projects, Vesterhav Syd and Vesterhav Nord, which will have a production capacity of 350 MW, corresponding to the annual consumption of 375,000 households. 

The windfarm installation project is coming to an end, and most of the vessels involved have already left Denmark for new projects. One of the smaller vessels was loaded on semi-submersible vessel “Yacht Servant” operated by Sevenstar Exceptional Marine Transport. Once again, Blue Water had the pleasure of supporting Asso.subsea and Sevenstar Exceptional Marine Transport along with their vessels and crew during the float-on operation at Port of Thyborøn.

“We have been working very closely with Asso.subsea for the last year, supporting a number of vessels on a daily basis. It is always a special feeling when an intense project like this is coming to an end, but it is also nice to close it off with a job well done”, says Ömer Karakus, Assistant Manager Port Agency, who also attended the operation in Port of Thyborøn.