Transport of solar-powered cooling prototype

An innovative cooling unit using solar power has been transported cross Atlantic

Our Energy & Projects division in Brest has provided logistics support to the shipment of a cooling prototype unit from mainland France to the isle of La Désirade in the French Caribbean.

This prototype “Cryosolar” was designed by the French renewable energy developer VALOREM and aims to provide and store cooling power to isolated communities using solar power.

The prototype’s most notable characteristic is that it consists of a 40’ reefer container and can as such be shipped on regular container lines from any port to the next - along with a second container carrying the solar panels and material necessary to set up the installation. We took care of all this as well as arranging customs formalities, trucking/barging from mainland Guadeloupe to the isle of La Désirade and the final installation on site.

Alexandre Blanc from the Wind department, Blue Water Brest says: “We are working on future similar shipments in close cooperation with Blue Water's Aid & Development Logistics service for installations in West Africa among other destinations.

If this test phase proves to be technically and socio-economically viable, it will enable small port communities to develop autonomously while staying environmentally conscious. This is why we are very happy to provide our knowledge to this social-driven initiative, and beyond that we are mostly looking forward to renewing our assistance for the upcoming shipments”.