Partnering with Climate Impact X for quality carbon credits

The partnership with Climate Impact X supports Blue Water’s ambition to leverage more sustainable solutions

Investing in external sustainability projects through certified methods is an easily accessible and affordable way to get started with a more sustainable transport and logistics solution. To expand and further refine the options for more sustainable transport and logistics solutions for its customers, Blue Water has partnered with Climate Impact X (CIX).

CIX connects climate action to business value through a comprehensive suite of global carbon market solutions. With over 30 years of combined experience and a network of more than 100 project suppliers worldwide, CIX specialises in curating and procuring carbon credit portfolios tailored to each company’s unique sustainability goals.

The partnership will see Blue Water integrate solutions for quality carbon credits into its service offerings to help businesses effectively counterbalance transport-related emissions. Through CIX, Blue Water is investing in verified external sustainability projects, ensuring credible and impactful contributions to global environmental sustainability.

Carbon credit portfolios tailored through CIX can focus on different themes depending on a company’s priorities. For instance, projects can prioritise restoring coastal ecosystems for biodiversity, protecting forests, or providing cleaner energy to local communities. These initiatives compensate for the carbon emissions generated by Blue Water’s transport and logistics operations. 

Blue Water’s customers can access the following benefits through the partnership: 

  • Streamlined carbon calculations at shipment level
  • Curated portfolio aligned with your sustainability goals
  • Project quality assessments and competitive pricing  

Making more sustainable solutions the new normal

The partnership is an important step to drive needed change and proactively build a more sustainable future. For many years, sustainability impact has not automatically been linked with transport and logistics offerings. However, reducing negative impact on surrounding environments and societies is becoming more and more critical and unavoidable to act on as a responsible company.

As partners Blue Water and CIX can support the compensation of unabated emissions beyond the value chain. To do so, Blue Water’s front staff has been trained to understand and take action on customers’ need for compensation solutions, supporting a more sustainable business model. 

“We are ready to take care of our clients’ interests for supporting sustainability projects. Climate Impact X manages the process, high quality solutions and certification, but as the customers’ usual contact, we are qualified to discuss evident options and see opportunities creating value for our customers”, says Florian Pinz, Managing Director Singapore & Malaysia at Blue Water.

At present, CIX offers credits from a diverse array of nature-based and engineered projects. These include forest protection, blue carbon, afforestation and clean cookstoves, amongst others. Many of these projects bring wide-ranging co-benefits beyond carbon sequestration, such as safeguarding livelihoods, natural ecosystems and biodiversity. Nature-based solutions, in particular, have the potential to support up to one-third of required climate change mitigation for a Below-2°C pathway by 2030.

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