Service to the cruise industry

Acting as 24/7 one-point-of-contact in a number of the world’s largest cruise ports, our dedicated and experienced teams ensure the best quality and solutions for our clients in the Cruise & Marine industry

Experts in cruise and marine logistics

Blue Water is specialised in transport and logistics solutions to the Cruise & Marine industry. We handle storage, supply and distribution of all necessities for the cruise ships calling at various ports worldwide. In Europe, we also offer handling of direct-to-ship containers.

A long-standing and close cooperation with the world’s major cruise lines has provided us with an insight into the rapidly growing leisure industry.
Experienced, professional teams at Blue Water’s offices in important cruise hubs worldwide provide round-the-clock services to the cruise ships, such as port agency, customs clearance, stevedoring, crew change, Schengen visa and repair works. Naturally, HSSEQ is an integrated part of our business - always with our clients in focus.

We are founding members of the Cruise & Marine Logistic Network founded in 2009 by Blue Water and Priano Marchelli, Italy.

Logistics for shipowners and yards

We have founded Cruise & Marine Logistic Network – the first network of its kind. Our objective is to fulfil logistics requirements of shipowners and shipyards worldwide.


The services include bonded and domestic warehouse solutions, pick & pack, air, sea and road transport to vessels, order tracking and much more. The members of the network are specifically selected based on their ability to provide added value to our services.

Acting as

Port Agents






Project Management & Coordination

Dry dock
Dry dock logistics

We ensure efficient management of your dry docking logistics. Our dedicated teams handle every step from contract negotiation, pre-planning, coordination, warehousing, clean-up to return transport.

Yard stay
Yard stay services

As we have accomplished numerous yard stays with success in our role as logistics provider, we know how the strengths of our flexible set-up can provide efficient solutions for such complex tasks.

New build
New build logistics

During construction of cruise liners, when the clock is ticking and every second counts, you will need a reliable transport partner who can handle thousands of shipments from all the suppliers. We can do this for you.

Offices in all major cruise hubs

Being close to our clients has been a top priority since the company was founded. Our clients can always rely on swift solutions and service whenever they need it. Our cruise logistics specialists are ready on the quayside in major cruise hubs such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nantes.


We also cover other parts of the world as members of the comprehensive Cruise and Marine Logistic Network. For your convenience, we act as one-point-of-contact.

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Frank Madsen

Frank Madsen

Global Director

Marine Logistics

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Kasper Diaz Sommer

Kasper Diaz Sommer

Global Head of

Marine Logistics

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