Health & Safety at work

We dare to care, and through a determined strategy we are well underway on our Safety Journey

Creating safe and innovative solutions

At Blue Water, we care about our business partners, our business and each other. We dare to care, and through a determined strategy we are well underway on our Safety Journey.

Working with a zero-incident mindset, we have initiated training programmes on safety awareness at all levels of the organisation to prevent accidents. Believing that we through dialogue and collaboration can grow, we are inspired by smart and safe solutions. 

We believe in a diverse workplace, but when it comes to health and safety, we support a streamlined safety standard worldwide.

Leading the way in everything we do, Blue Water ensures health and safety by:

  • providing and maintaining a safe working environment
  • providing facilities for health and safety
  • ensuring that all equipment is safe
  • ensuring that all employees are not being exposed to unmanaged or uncontrolled hazards
  • developing and implementing emergency plans and evacuation procedures
  • providing adequate time and financial resources for the implementation of safety policies

At all Blue Water offices, you will find

Safe employees

Safe employees

  • Trained and skilful staff
  • Monitored safety performance
  • Ongoing improvements
Safe systems

Safe systems

  • Practices for safe work
  • Risk management
  • Compliance with local legislation and requirements
Safe equipment

Safe equipment

  • Ongoing supervision of equipment
  • Regular maintenance
  • Easing of workload and protection of staff
Safe workplace

Safe workplace

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Safe and healthy working environment
  • Good working conditions